Weddings in Gatlinburg TN

Well over 600,000 people travel to the Great Smoky Mountains every year to get married or attend weddings, that’s the main reason Gatlinburg is known as “The Wedding Capital of the South”. There are as many as thirteen wedding chapels lining the streets of the Parkway in Gatlinburg and many other chapels are quietly nestled in the beauty of the mountains. The wedding chapels in the Great Smoky Mountains are very different in style. Wedding chapels range from rustic log chapels, southern colonial chapels, Victorian chapels to mountaintop chapels and quaint storefront chapels. Wedding chapels in Gatlinburg TN can be any where from elegant to just plain cute. The ceremony style in the Smokey Mountains wedding chapels can range from simple and small to stylish and large. In the Great Smokey Mountains you don’t just have to get married in a wedding chapel, you can also get married in your cabin or chalet and some company’s even let you pick your spot in the Smoky Mountains. No matter where you get married at in the beautiful Smoky Mountains it’s no doubt the perfect place to start your life’s journey with the one you love. The Great Smoky Mountains not only provide beauty, comfort, and relaxation but also entertainment, great food and tons of shopping. Aside from the beauty of the Smoky Mountains most people choose this location because of the simplicity and affordability of preparing and having a wedding in the Great Smoky Mountains. Most couples find that hiring a wedding consultant to handle all the major problems before a wedding is the best way to go. With a wedding consultant all you have to do is handle some problems but sit back, relax and let them work out the rest. With all the accommodations, chapels, bridal gown and tuxedo shops and rentals, catering, receptions, florists, photographers, videographers, and invitation shops the Great Smoky Mountains are the perfect place to get married and start forever with you one true love.

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