Christus Gardens - Gatlinburg TN

Christus Gardens opened in August of 1960 and it is one of America‘s top religious attractions. It’s located in the heart of downtown Gatlinburg TN near many of are Gatlinburg Cabins. It features an inspirational portrayal of the Life of Christ. The presentations are enhanced by music, a moving narrative, and dramatic lighting. The presentations are unique and portray life-like scenes from the Bible.

There are many wonderful treasures you can see at Christus Gardens. Some of them are Heirloom Bible collection, the remarkable face of Christ, the world renowned biblical coin collection, and over 100 perfect life-size figures. Another wonderful treasure you can see is The Promise, a 900 square feet mural featuring more than 30 characters from the Old Testament. It was painted during the 40 anniversary celebration. Also, new to Christus Gardens, Precious Gems of the Bible. You can learn about different jewels and how they were used for worship. Another new scene just added to Christus Gardens is “Christ at Prayer in the Garden.” It is based on a painting by Heinrich Hoffman.

This attraction is wonderful to visit and is open all year long. In the spring you can see the crown of thorns bush. During the summer months, you can see all of the precious gems that will be on display. Also you can see a magnificent painting of Christ and his disciples. During the winter months, Christus Gardens has many Christmas lights. The displays change annually. Make it a family tradition to come out and see the brilliant lights each year.

Visiting Christus Gardens can be very educational to people of all ages. You can learn many things about the Bible, including the stories behind all of you favorite church hymns. You will discover the history behind traditions that have been celebrated for many years, such as St. Patrick’s Day, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, and why people color eggs at Easter. You will also find out about traditions celebrated at weddings, like throwing rice and giving rings.

If you are looking for an amazing religious experience be sure to stop by and visit Christus Gardens. Tickets are free for 6 years and younger, $3.65 for 7 to 13 years old, and $9.95 for 14 years and older. It is open April- October 8AM to 9PM and November-March 9AM-5PM. After visiting Cristus Gardens, stop on by one of our Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals. Make this a vacation a fantastic memory.