Pigeon Forge TN - Dollywood

Dollywood theme park was established by Dolly Parton and is located in Pigeon Forge TN. It consists of 125 acres of fun filled family fun nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. While staying in a few of our Pigeon Forge cabins you will be conviently located near the famous Dollywood theme park.

Some of the water rides includes Blazing Fury; in this ride you will help fight a fire that is engulfing a town in the 1880s. On the Mountain Slidewinder you actually travel the terrain of the Great Smokey Mountains; be prepared to get wet! Smokey Mountain River Rampage is also a water ride; on this ride you will raft through the white waters. Daredevil Falls involves a boat expedition through an abandoned logging camp; it is like a freefall on water!

Dollywood theme park also features many roller coasters. The Thunderhead is an exciting high-speed roller coaster ride. On the Dizzy Disk you will think you are at the county fair while spinning round and round on a disk-like object. Skyyrider is like a plane and it flies seventy feet into the air; there is room for a pilot and a co-pilot. On the Waltzing Swinger you soar twenty-five feet into the air. On the Tennessee Tornado you will see what happens when a twister hits an old Tennessee Mining Company. On the Scrambler you will be shuffled into many different directions.

Let’s not forget the rides for kids! Some of the rides featured include the Amazing Flying Elephants, Busy Bees, Lucky Ducky and Piggy Parade. The Shooting Star is a kid’s drop tower. The Veggie Tales Sideshow Spin is a roller coaster featuring many hills. The Carousel Ride features sixty animals. You can also ride the Wonder Wheel.

There are many other things to do at Dollywood. You can visit Calico Falls Schoolhouse and view a schoolhouse of the 19th century. You can visit Smokey Mountain Home, which is a replica of the house Dolly Parton grew up in. Robert F. Thomas Chapel is a one-room country church. On the Dollywood Express you can enjoy beautiful scenery on a five-mile train ride.

Ticket prices for one day pass to Dollywood are as follows: children 3 and under are free, children 4-11 are $32.35, ages 12-59 are $43.50 and ages 60 and up are $40.15.

Book one of our Pigeon Forge cabins and, if you want, stay within a small distance from the fun-filled Dollywood theme park. For more information, visit www.dollywood.com.