Ober Gatlinburg - Water Rides

Cool off next summer by coming to Ober Gatlinburg in Gatlinburg TN and stay in one of our Gatlinburg cabins! If the summer weather has got you down or you don’t really feel like going outside without breaking a sweat, come to Ober Gatlinburg to swim in the cool water in mid-east Tennessee. We’re right around the corner from your house! Come try the water rides while glistening in the warm sun of summer. Ober Gatlinburg has a ride called the Raft Ride, where you don’t even need swimwear to enjoy. Ober's Lightnin' Raft Ride and covered Shoot-the-Chute water rides are "dry-ride" water rides with a 40 foot vertical drop. They offer fun and excitement for both families and thrill seekers.

Ober Gatlinburg offers another distinctive and exhilarating ride for those thrill-seekers! The Blue Cyclone Rapids is something to experience! Get a good grip on the handles of your air-inflated bob sled as you plunge from over 60 feet high into a dark hole pushing "white water" waves as you race down a fully-enclosed fiberglass chute. Riding high on the sidewalls, you'll reach speeds in excess of 30 mph and pull 2.9 G's as you twist and turn through over 600 feet of water and exhilarating fun-filled excitement.

If your parents never brought you to a water park when you were young in the middle of the summer you have really been missing out! Reverse the curse and bring your own children out to Ober Gatlinburg for fun and countless activities.

Being crazy all day can be fun and all, but after your time is up at Ober Gatlinburg slide on over to your reserved cabin in Gatlinburg from the best cabin rental in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Cabins For You has just what you need after a day of fun. Browse through our website to see the many cabins that you can choose from. We definitely have one to fit your needs, so call us today to make sure you have a cabin for your trip to Ober Gatlinburg in Gatlinburg TN!