Vintage Views Film Premiere

Have you ever wondered what the Gatlinburg area was like before the shops, stores and restaurants came to be? In the early years, the area was filled with eager settlers yearning to build their homes and businesses from the ground up. Prominent people and their families such as E.E. Maples, Wiley Oakley, Radford Gatlin and settled throughout the town, documenting their day-to-day life on home video. At the Vintage Views Film Premiere on August 27th, you can catch a glimpse of these early settlers through their donated home movie clips.

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Drive the Roaring Fork Motor Trail

With the suffocating heat and humidity of summer, it is no wonder why many Gatlinburg visitors are choosing to do their sightseeing by automobile. While the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails, many visitors, due to health and age, are not able to take advantage of all that the Park has to offer. One of the most popular automobile sight-seeing routes is the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. This six mile paved road offers visitors a chance to glimpse into the primitive cabins, barns and homesteads that once ruled the Gatlinburg area.

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Tennesee Tax Free Weekend

Picture this scenario…you and your family are on your Smoky Mountain vacation, the summer is nearing an end, and the kids are excited and ready to get back to school. You are already familiar with the areas of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and know that they offer some of the best shopping around.  Now imagine this…a tax-free, back to school shopping extravaganza! An ever popular weekend at the area’s malls and outlets, Tennessee’s Sales Tax Holiday will be August 5th – 7th, 2011. You and your family can enjoy a tax-free holiday on your vacation, saving valuable money on clothing, school supplies and computers.

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Packing Tips for Gatlinburg

I think most people will agree that packing can be the most stressful part of a vacation. There’s so much to take into consideration; weather, occasions, emergencies, etc. So, allow me to get you started with a couple ideas (assuming your checking into a luxury cabin).

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Horseback Riding in Gatlinburg

Many of the visitors who come to Gatlinburg, and the Smoky Mountains in general, do so to experience the natural environments and down-home feel that the region holds. When planning your stay in the area, you may be searching for a way in which you and your family can get in touch with both nature and the “rustic” lifestyle that is synonymous with the area’s history. Luckily, there is one activity that allows for both of these things at once – horseback riding, and there are several options in the area.

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Smoky Mountain Travel Apps

When vacationing to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, many people seek a peaceful, relaxing retreat, away from the stresses of daily life. Unfortunately, there are many difficulties associated with traveling that often leave tourists and their families frustrated. From the traffic filled road trip to confusing directions to a desired restaurant, travel stressors are not few and far between. Luckily, with evolving technology and the capabilities of smartphones, traveling has been made much easier through the use of applications. iPhone and Android applications have taken the travel industry by storm, aiming to streamline the users process and make their vacation as easy as possible. Download these apps before you embark on your Smoky Mountain vacation – we know you will not regret it!

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Heat Safety for Children

Most of us are experts on the “How to Prevent Sun Burns” speech. We are pounded over the head with this beneficial information by our mothers, doctors, and even on commercials and in the news. But another important bit of information, especially for our little ones, is heat safety. If you are visiting from a cooler climate, make sure you take extra care with your little one. Here are a few things to keep in mind while visiting the Gents and Belles in the sultry South: Continue reading

People Watching in Gatlinburg

My Mother has always been a “people watcher”. She liked to sit in malls and watch people, how they responded and interacted with their environments and one another. I too have come to enjoy people watching, but I also enjoy writing stories, so the twist is that my mind is always imagining where he/she comes from, where they are going, what they are doing here, what they are feeling, etc.

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