12th Annual Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament

The Smoky Mountains are a beautiful and exciting place to visit any time of the year, but the beginning of fall is especially chock-full of great things to do. The air is cooling, the leaves are changing, and the water is chilly but invigorating. Bears, deer and other wildlife are active, making for fascinating sight-seeing. There is always plenty of food, music, arts and crafts, and at the end of September, the Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament will be making its 12th annual splash into Gatlinburg. This is a wonderful opportunity for father and son or for the whole family to enjoy some friendly competition, or to just relax with a weekend of fishing.

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The Goings-on of Fall in Gatlinburg

Fall is one of my absolute favorite times in the Smokies! I love the beautiful colors on display as the leaves change; I revel in the crispness of the fall mountain air and adore all of the events taking place at this time in Gatlinburg. If this is the time of year that you make your annual trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, then here is a reminder of all the wonderful things you will want to check out. If you are trying to decide if this will be the year that you make your first pilgrimage to the inviting Tennessee Mountains, then here are a few more events to entice you toward Southern hospitality and fun.

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2011 Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival

As I walked into my favorite hometown restaurant last Sunday, I quickly came to the realization that fall is upon us. In fact, I have found that in many restaurants and stores, the beginning of fall decorations- -changing leaves, scarecrows, cornucopias and the like- -have actually been completely skipped over in favor of cute kids’ costumes and black and orange Halloween decorations. I have even spotted the errant Christmas tree, tucked in a not-so-inconspicuous corner of the store! I am a consumer, and I am not fooled by this flit skip of the pure enjoyment of fall, in the absence of a holiday. I know businesses make a lot of money from Halloween and Christmas, and so it is understandable that they would be so hasty to push us into those holidays.

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September 11th Ceremony in Gatlinburg

Every year on September 11th, thousands of ceremonies and memorials are held all across the country for those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center attacks and related attempts.  This year, on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, the City of Gatlinburg will be holding a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies Plaza.

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September Cabin Deals – Part 2

This is our second posting of our September cabin blowout sale. Our first blog post of September Cabin Deals went so fast that we did a little searching and found another list of cabins available for 50% off this month. So if you weren’t able to grab a cabin deal the first go-round, check out the list below. These cabins offer a range of amenities including fully equipped kitchens, spectacular views, hot tubs and more. As always, specials cannot be added to any previously made reservations. To book your cabin or inquire about prices, please call 1-800-684-7865!

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Coupons for Shows in the Smokies

Seemingly everywhere I go, couponing is a hot topic! The last time I was in Gatlinburg I wanted to see as much as I could, but I had a limited budget. As I was trying to decide what venues I most wanted to visit, I began to notice all the coupons floating around me!! So I put to work what couponing skills I had gleaned from my Couponing Jedi Master!

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September Cabin Deals

It’s time again for another blowout sale. We try our hardest to accommodate our fans with affordable deals when we can, and we know that some people can’t take advantage of our short notice Flash Sales. So here is the list of 50% off deals available only throughout the month of September. The cabins range from 1 to 7 bedrooms and offer various amenities, such as pet-friendly, game rooms, breathtaking views and more! Specials cannot be added to any previously made reservations. To book your cabin or inquire about prices, please call 1-800-684-7865!

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Dinner and a Date Night

I loved it when the man of my dreams took me to nice restaurants on dates. Everything about it seemed romantic! Fast-forward several years, that man is now my husband, and he still treats me to date night from time-to-time, when we find a baby-sitter and aren’t too tire to go out, but there was often something lacking…and we couldn’t figure out exactly what. We would go eat, and the comment after was always, “Now what?”

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Fall Foliage in Gatlinburg

With few days of respite from the blazing heat this summer, planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains to enjoy the soon blazing colors of fall is a great way to get ready for the cooler days ahead. The intoxicating blend of red, orange and yellow leaves is the perfect backdrop for a fun family hike or a romantic stroll through one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Although the most vibrant colors will appear from mid-October to early November, visitors can soak in the scenery for about seven full weeks, beginning around September 14.

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Star Gaze in Cades Cove

The Smoky Mountains on almost any given night are going to give visitors to the area a beautiful sky gazing opportunity. The picturesque nature of the area allows for such sights to be taken in and enjoyed. On a few special nights of the year the sky becomes excessively clear and is perfect for star gazing activities. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the Smoky Mountains Astronomical Society (SMAS) hosts events called Star Parties, which are open to any and all who are interested in taking part in absorbing the beautiful mountain night sky.

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