Fun Ways Around Gatlinburg

If you visit Gatlinburg during the busy season you’ll quickly see that transportation is vital to your trip. Most cabins are not within walking distance of the parkway and traffic can get pretty heavy in our little town nestled in the Smoky Mountains. Deciding whether it’s best to park and walk, ride the trolley, or take a cab can be confusing. So, we’ve put together a list of three transportation options in Gatlinburg.

Whether you’re coming to Gatlinburg on a honeymoon or bringing a large group, you’ll want to plan your Gatlinburg transportation before you come. Some factors that may affect what transportation options you choose are:

  • How large your group is
  • Whether your group can walk a lot
  • How cold it is going to be during your trip
  • How much driving back and forth you’ll be doing

Here are three fun Gatlinburg transportation options for you to consider.

Take the Trolley in Gatlinburg – Taking the trolley is a smart idea if you don’t want to pay large amounts of money for parking and you have a small group. Trolley parking is free and the trolley takes several routes in Gatlinburg that are convenient to many of our most popular attractions and restaurants. Prices for Trolley rides start at $.50 and go up to $2.00. Trolley routes and days of operation vary and can be found on the Gatlinburg Trolley website. If you have a large group it might be worth it to find a parking spot in downtown Gatlinburg (they generally run around $6.00) and to just split the cost.

Jeep, Motorcycle, and Scooter – Driving in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains is so much fun when you’re in an entertaining vehicle. Instead of driving a regular car around, rent a Jeep, motorcycle, or scooter. They’ll give you the sense of freedom and allow you to view the smokies that no regular car could give. There are several places in Gatlinburg to rent Jeeps including Southland Car and Jeep Rentals which can be reached at 865-436-981. Motorcycles can be rented from Eagle Rider of the Smokies in Kodak which can be reached at (865) 932-7705. Scooter’s can be rented at That Scooter Place in Gatlinburg which can be reached at (865) 436-3880.

Walk – Walking may sound a little silly but hear us out. If you rent a cabin rental that is within walking distance to downtown you won’t need to drive very often during your Smoky Mountain vacation. This will provide you with some exercise after eating all of our delicious Southern cooking food and will help you avoid the traffic and paying for parking. We have several cabins within walking distance to downtown including: Simone’s Cottage, Skinny Dippin, River Romance, On the River, and Poolin Around.

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