2010 Photo Contest

Win an Apple iPad and $500 Towards a Cabin Stay

We have an exciting announcement to make. It’s back! Cabins For You has decided to announce our second annual holiday photo contest giveaway and you’re all invited to enter. Of course, make sure you spread the word to your friends and family.

Details for the giveaway are simple. Email us at [email protected] with your favorite Smoky Mountain holiday vacation picture and a maximum of ten sentences describing it. Submissions will be processed within two business days of receiving. Any photo submissions posted on the Cabins For You Facebook wall will be deleted. We are deleting any photo contest pictures posted on our wall so that you don’t lose any “Likes”. “Likes” will only be counted in the Cabins For You Facebook album titled “2010 Winter Photo Contest – Please “like” Your Favorite”.The winning entry will receive a $500 gift certificate towards a Cabins For You stay and an Apple iPad. Second place takes home a $100 Cabins For You gift certificate, and third place gets a $50 Cabins For You gift certificate.

Pictures don’t necessarily need to be posed. We want GREAT pictures and GREAT stories. If you want to know how we define GREAT keep reading. There is a two picture entry limit per person, per email address so make sure you pick the best pictures you have.

Here are examples of GREAT picture ideas/themes:

• A funny picture of your family skiing at Ober Gatlinburg during Christmas vacation
• A beautiful sunset as seen from a cabin during Thanksgiving break
• Your family in front of a Pigeon Forge attraction during your 4th of July getaway
• Anything that’s cute, fun, or pretty in the Smokies

The best photos will be the ones that make us laugh, cry, sigh, move us, or make us want to be in the Smoky Mountains.

Are you convinced you should win? We’ll be posting entries in an album on our Facebook Fanpage entitled “2010 Winter Photo Contest – Please “like” Your Favorite” and asking fans to “like” pictures they think should win. Amount of “likes” will be heavily considered in our decision making for the winners so participants should spread the word to friends and family and ask them to “like” their pictures. Update: Since we have received so many entries for the contest we had to create a second album titled “2010 Winter Photo Contest – Please “like” Your Favorite (contd.)” Be sure to go through both albums and “like” your favorite.

The giveaway starts on December 9, 2010 and ends on January 17, 2011. Winners will be announced via Facebook on January 24th, 2011. Cabins For You reserves the right to change rules, prizes and processes of this contest at any time.

We’re excited to see the entries. If you’re wondering who made it into the top slots last year check out our Facebook album entitled “Top 20 Photos for 2009 Photo Contest” and to see the winner from 2009 check out our blog that announced the winner.

For OFFICIAL RULES click the link.

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