Popular Attractions in Gatlinburg

Spending vacation in Gatlinburg, TN is a popular choice for many families because there are so many opportunities to have fun. Gatlinburg is full of great attractions that can entertain the whole family. There’s a whole list of fun things to do while in this beautiful mountain town, and often times it takes several trips to Gatlinburg before families feel like they’ve even scratched the surface.

Gatlinburg has several types of entertaining attractions for the family. There is one very popular name that has several hotspots in Gatlinburg and that is none other than Mr. Ripley himself. Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg is the most visited aquarium in the United States, but that isn’t the only Gatlinburg attraction that holds the infamous name in its title. Ripley’s Amazing Mirror Maze will turn you around so many times you’ll feel baffled on how to get out. Ripley’s Believe it or Not features many crazy record holding facts and artifacts that will entertain. And yet another Ripley’s attraction is the Ripley’s Haunted House, which will spook your group and leave them needing a nice refreshing break from scary faces and scary places.

Ripley’s isn’t the only haunted house in Gatlinburg. If guests are interested in a little more fright then they can check out Gatlinburg, TN’s Mysterious Mansion. Guests go into the mansion and are not guided through the haunted house. We have read reviews that this one is a little too scary for very young children so take caution when deciding who in the group will be going.

Not all guests prefer a scary Gatlinburg attraction experience. Some like to take a more lively approach. Cooter’s Place features memorabilia from the popular show Dukes of Hazard and also has bumper cars. Guests can also visit Fannie Farkle's where they'll experience a fun competitive video-game style atmosphere. If Gatlinburg guests are in the mood for a laugh they can go to the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre. Shows feature fun family comedy and so much more.

If visitors are looking for something a little more unique they can visit the Hollywood Wax Museum in Gatlinburg. Visitors can take pictures with Forest Gump, Jack from the Titanic, Celine Dion, Angelina Jolie, and so many other movie stars. Guests can also visit the Motion Ride Theatre or the Salt and Pepper Museum in Gatlinburg. Both are entertaining options for the family.

Guests that visit Gatlinburg may want to take a more “adult” approach to visiting the small town. Some visitors enjoy taking a stroll in the Smoky Mountain Winery or the Guinness Museum near Gatlinburg. There are other options for adult fun in Gatlinburg including visiting the legal Moonshine Distillery in the middle of downtown and participating in live karaoke at one of the local sports bars.

Whether you’re 10, 40, or 90, there’s plenty to do in Gatlinburg. The attractions offer special opportunities to have fun in unique ways. Attraction fun combined with outdoor adventures, yummy food, and relaxing cabin time is the perfect way to spend a holiday in Gatlinburg so hurry on over, the fun awaits.

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