Smoky Mountain Winterfest

Planning a vacation with us at Cabins for YOU is simple, because whenever you’re available to visit the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area, there are several annual events that attract people from all over the country! Spring, summer, winter, or fall, the Smoky Mountains ignite with countless festivals, fairs and shows! If you’re feeling hesitant about booking your stay with us in the winter months because you fear that there won’t be much going on, the cozy town of Gatlinburg nestled within the Smokies comes to life more than ever before!

The Smoky Mountain Winterfest is an annual event beginning every year in late fall and running through the winter months. This lengthy festival lights the Smokies up with incredible decor, magnificent lights, and fabulous shows. With almost every local business partaking in the celebration of the holiday season, light displays can be seen all throughout the Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville area. This means that regardless of where your toasty warm Cabins For You cabin is located, you are bound to see some of the radiant displays that contribute to the over 4 million lights that are assembled in themed displays including every eye-appeasing sight you can imagine such as toy bears, mother goose, our Lady Liberty, America’s War Veterans, and of course, Santa Claus! In the mountains of Tennessee, the magic of winter is guaranteed to be celebrated in a way you’ve never seen before!

Pigeon Forge:

If you’re visiting Eastern Tennessee in November, you might be lucky enough to be at the Festival’s Kick-Off in Pigeon Forge. Every year, Pigeon Forge begins the magical celebration of Winterfest at Patriot Park, where local celebrities, live music and entertainment, and a Veteran’s Parade all combine to provide clean fun that the entire family will enjoy! With over 300 specialty shops and outlets located in Pigeon Forge, the dazzling delight of Winterfest creates the perfect environment to enjoy a unique shopping experience that is made easily accessible through the trolley stops at each location. To find out more about the awesome happenings that occur in Pigeon Forge during Winterfest (November-February) check out the line-up online so you can take advantage of all the fun that is happening while you’re vacationing with us in Pigeon Forge!


Gatlinburg also has an incredible line-up of great activities that serve as awesome entertainment for the entire family. Much like Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg also has a kickoff, but this kickoff is to honor the Smoky Mountain lights that can be seen throughout the area during the months of Winterfest. During this kickoff, guests are encouraged to warm up with an array of chili samples that are made accessible through the Chili Cookoff that is also taking place during this time! Whether it be the “Fantasy of Lights” Christmas Parade, the Festival of Trees, or Gatlinburg’s New Year’s Ball Drop and Pyrotechnic Show, there is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy! To find out what is in store for you in Gatlinburg during your next vacation, simply check out the Gatlinburg Winterfest line-up today!


It should be noted that in addition to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge’s Winterfest celebrations, Sevierville also participates in the festivities, creating the perfect trifecta of wintertime entertainment! If you’re staying near Sevierville or looking to take advantage of the Winterfest activities taking place, the Sevierville Winterfest Schedule is available online so visitors can check out when events such as their Christmas Parade or World’s Largest Outlet Extravaganza take place!

Staying in a Cabins For You cabin during the winter months is a truly extraordinary experience that should be taken advantage of by all! Not only do the natural surroundings of the cabins provide a serene and peaceful experience, but the festivities that occur downtown also serve in creating an unforgettable vacation. Whether your cabin is located in Gatlinburg, Sevierville, or Pigeon Forge, it should be kept in mind that these three destinations are nestled closely together within the Smokies, making all activities of Winterfest easily accessible to all tourists! The text time you’re looking to book an unforgettable vacation, be sure to visit Eastern Tennessee during Winterfest, you certainly won’t regret it! For additional information or inquiries, visit the Winterfest website and start your planning today!