Owner Information and Support

On a daily basis, our full-time owner liaison works closely with the heads of the marketing, housekeeping, and maintenance departments to provide you as a cabin owner with the highest quality care. Our priority to you as an owner is to always be on hand to offer support in helping you make the most out of your cabin investment. We work tirelessly to offer you a superior management experience by providing you with a stress-free process and the most relevant and helpful information available.

Feedback and Support

We strive to ensure we're offering the most up-to-date and accurate information about our company and each cabin. With a passionate and professional staff in a range of departments working closely together – marketing, housekeeping, maintenance, and customer service – we are able to do that. Constant communication with our cabin owners allows us to provide guests with the most current cabin information. Our full-time marketing department provides feedback and support for both guests and owners, including working to create an accurate and easy-to-use online experience. If you have a concern or feedback about the site, please click here to submit a Change Request!

Advice for Cabin Owners

1. In order to ensure the satisfaction of our guests and the quality of each of their stays, we maintain strict housekeeping standards.Inspections are done after most checkouts to assure that our housekeeping standards are met during the cleaning of each cabin.

2. Our goal is always to provide an excellent stay for each of our guests. This includes keeping each of the cabins we manage in top shape. We have several maintenance professionals on staff to handle general repairs between and during our guests' stays.

3. Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are home to thousands of cabins and numerous cabin rental companies. Along with high housekeeping and maintenance standards, we offer competitive pricing and low fees to our guests. This places us at the top of the market for a wide range of guests with varying budgets.

4. Our top priority to you as a cabin owner is to make sure we are helping you make the most out of your investment. We have a full-time marketing staff dedicated to finding the best ways to market your cabin to guests. Based on our constant research and personalized attention, we can provide suggestions for higher performance, including cabin improvements and updates.

5. Aiming to provide you with the best value for your money, we charge owners only two fees per month. These fees are for pest control and general supplies. Both are important aspects in maintaining the quality of the cabins we manage.

6. Since opening our doors in 2001, Cabins For You has been providing quality stays for guests and professional and friendly management services to cabin owners. We believe our years of experience have greatly assisted us in the process of successfully managing your investment. Our guarantee is that we will treat each guest with respect, promote your cabin fairly, and be receptive to your needs as an owner.