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COVID-19 Update: What’s Closed in the Smoky Mountains

Read on for a list of COVID-19 closures in the Smoky Mountains, including restaurants, shops, attractions, parks, and canceled or postponed events. We’ve also included open and available services and will update YOU as new information arrives.

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COVID-19 Updates for YOU

At Cabins for YOU, our guests mean everything to us. We understand that there is a ton of information being released over the status of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), with new information being presented by the hour. We understand you probably have questions concerning Cabins for YOU and how your reservation will be handled moving forward. Continue reading

Sustainable Travel: Going Green in the Smokies

Today, many people are looking for at least some ways to “go green.” What does going green mean? It means reducing your carbon footprint (your impact on the earth) through the 3 Rs method: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. It’s all about finding ways to ensure our beautiful earth stays beautiful, safe, and healthy for generations to come. The less waste we produce, the better. But going green doesn’t have to be a big thing. Little steps make a big difference.

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I Don’t Want to Leave the Cabin…Now What?

Looking forward to relaxing, playing, and making memories at your cabin rental in the Great Smoky Mountains? After your travels, the first thing you’ll want to do is unpack and unwind. And while there is tons to do in town and in the national park, from riding roller coasters, horseback riding, and hiking to fine dining, moonshine tasting, and country chic shopping, we have a hunch you won’t want to leave your cabin…

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Top Picnic Spots in the Great Smoky Mountains

When summer turns lush and fall paints the leaves in the Great Smoky Mountains, one of the best ways to enjoy the picturesque landscape is to go on a lovely picnic with your loved ones. Plop on a blanket under a tree, dine at a table by a flowing river, or throw a picnic party at a pavilion! Picnic areas are aplenty in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and in nearby Gatlinburg, TN. Simply choose which spot best suits you and enjoy an affordable and fun experience in nature. Need a few suggestions? We’ve listed our fav picnic spots for YOU!

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For YOUR Gatlinburg Cabin: Easy Grilling Ideas this Summer


It’s summertime in the Smokies! That means you’re almost obligated to grill out at your Gatlinburg cabin! And with everything from charcoal to electric to gas options, it’ll be easy to toss on burgers, steaks, kebabs, and more. And when you’re on vacation, we know you want something easy, so we’ve found some tasty and easy grilling ideas for you to try at your Cabins for YOU cabin!

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Relax in the Smokies for National Hammock Day

It’s National Hammock Day! July 22 is another one of those wacky “holidays” we love to celebrate, and it may be one of our favorite yet. When we’re not playing in the Smokies, we love relaxing in the Smokies, and this is the day to take that to the max! And even if you don’t have a hammock to call home for the day, there are plenty of other ways to relax and unwind – which is what a hammock is all about! Read on to see our top ideas for relaxing in the Smokies – from your Gatlinburg cabin to downtown Pigeon Forge.

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