New Restaurants in Gatlinburg

To all of you that have been to Gatlinburg hundreds of times, there are a couple of new restaurants to add to your repertoire! Down town Gatlinburg has expanded their casual dining with the addition of two new restaurants!

pizzaMellow Mushroom: This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants, and I am so excited to see it at my favorite vacation spot! I love the fun laid back atmosphere of Mellow Mushroom and really enjoy being able to try a new spin on one of my favorite foods, pizza, at every visit.  They also have gluten free dough and ingredients now! Join the Beer Club and once you have sampled their vast variety of beers you will be awarded with a T-shirt, engraved mug, 20oz. beers for the price of a 16oz., and a plaque with your name on it! If you are looking to showcase your intellectual prowess, join Mellow Trivia night! Trust me, it’s a blast! You will find every pizza you have ever dreamed of and then some at 903 Parkway, in down town Gatlinburg.

Dick’s Last Resort: Another new comer to the down town area is Dick’s. The staff at Dick’s is what makes them unique. There is a good bit of interaction and barrels of fun! Watch your waiter though, if they offer to baby-sit your kids, they just might shrink wrap them to a pole!! All in good fun of course. Have a good laugh over their tasteless titles for their taste-full food and be sure to go by the souvenir shop and get a T-shirt. You will find Dick’s Last Resort on the Parkway at traffic light #10.

Enjoy trying these new restaurants during your visit to Gatlinburg!

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