Foreign Foods in the Smokies

With thousands of people getting ready to invade Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for Christmas and New Years activities, the restaurants are all getting prepared for long lines and crowded dining areas. Of course the popular restaurants will be filled, but what about some unique restaurants not typically thought about when referring to the Smoky Mountains. Being that they are located in the southern United States, it’s a safe bet that the cities that surround the Smoky Mountains are going to have a large supply of American eateries. To help you in this, here is a quick overview of some places in the Smokies where you can sample cuisine from foreign shores.

Foreign Foods

If you’re looking for some south of the border spice for dinner, there are a number of Mexican restaurants in the area for you to choose from. No Way Jose’s is one location, and is conveniently located on the main Parkway of Gatlinburg. La Carreta is another well-known restaurant of the area, and there are locations in both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. If you’d prefer to be even more different, however, you might try your luck with some Cuban cuisine. Havana Dreams specializes in authentic Cuban food that will amaze and satisfy. You might also try Mojitos in the Mountains, which is a Bar, Market, and Cuban grill all in one!

If Asian food is more your style, then should check out some of the Japanese restaurants in the region. Kinkaku Japanese Steakhouse and Little Tokyo, both of which are in Pigeon Forge, will wow you with their sushi selection and other regional food choices. For those Chinese food cravings, visitors to Gatlinburg can visit the North China Restaurant, while those in Pigeon Forge can check out Stars Buffet.

Italian food is also plentiful in the Smokies. Gatlinburg’s aptly named Best Italian Cafe and Pizzeria is sure to deliver on what its name promises for those who desire some authentic Italian dishes. Pigeon Forge’s visitors need not worry, though – Santo’s Italian Restaurant will also deliver fine Italian food to those who seek it.

While the Smokies certainly deliver some fine examples of American cuisine, it should never be said that the region has put all its eggs in one basket. With so many varied regional dishes presented in these areas of Tennessee, visitors have the opportunity to try a different style every night if they choose!

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