Dinner and a Date Night

I loved it when the man of my dreams took me to nice restaurants on dates. Everything about it seemed romantic! Fast-forward several years, that man is now my husband, and he still treats me to date night from time-to-time, when we find a baby-sitter and aren’t too tire to go out, but there was often something lacking…and we couldn’t figure out exactly what. We would go eat, and the comment after was always, “Now what?”

We finally figured out what was missing at Calhoun’s Village, and had a good belly laugh over the simplicity of it. We went to Cherokee Grill to have a nice dinner. When we arrived, there was a bit of a wait, which usually agitates my love, but this time he was fine. He had noticed a little walking path on our way in, so we took advantage of it. It isn’t some elaborate creation, they’ve just done a great job beautifying the area they have and creating nice little sitting areas. We strolled through the little walkways enjoying the scenery. There is a cute little bridge over the river, we stood there and talked a while, had stick races in the river, and then crossed on over to the open lawn with side-by-side swings and talked and laughed some more. By this time our waiting period had ended.

We headed into Cherokee Grill ready to feast. My husband enjoyed a juicy steak that he deemed “perfect”, and after several years spent in the restaurant business himself, that rarely happens. I had my eyes set on dessert, so I had the baked macaroni and cheese with spinach. I know it sounds simple, but it was wonderful. I was the only one with room for dessert, so I ordered the White Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake. If you enjoy chocolate, this will be the dessert you find at your table in heaven. It was amazing.

After dinner we enjoyed promenading and visiting the little shops, talking about what objects we liked, what we would use them for, where they would look best in our house, and laughing at other objects that we couldn’t imagine fitting in ANY house!

On our way back to the car we realized we didn’t ask ourselves that dreaded question. And then we had a moment of epiphany, we had just had a date much like those that filled our dating years. What was different was simple, just the time to enjoy each others company. No big serious conversations, just goofing off, dreaming aloud, and enjoying time together.

So if you and your significant other often find yourselves asking that dreaded question, “What’s next?”, or you are simply looking to enjoy each other without breaking the bank……give Calhoun’s Village a shot.

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