New Facility coming to East Tennessee

If you love the Smoky Mountains, national parks, and preserving both of their history you will love the news you are about to read! Coming to East Tennessee in the very near future is a new facility that will house artifacts and more that are remnants of those that lives and died in the Smoky Mountains. We have evidence that people were calling the Smoky Mountains their home since prehistoric times but now we have more than enough artifacts to display and a place to display them.

New funding has been approved in the Smoky Mountains for a facility that will hold historical artifacts and records of families that once lived in the smoky mountains. The National Park Service Joint Curatorial Collection Facility will make its home next to the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center in Townsend.

With the new funding will be a total of $4.3 million dollars. Around 2 million dollars for the facility is being donated from private donors and the other half is from federal funding. This facility will be the new home to almost 900,000 historical artifacts. Photos will be stored here along with land records, clothing, farm tools, logging equipment, and the historical presidential documents of Andrew Johnson.

While all of these things are a great reminder as how far we have come as Americans it is also a sad reality of what the Cherokee endured. Today some of the ancestors that were forcibly removed so long ago still remain on the land. When lumbering began in the early 1900s and the Smoky Mountains began to be deforested great lengths were taken to preserve what is now known as the Smoky Mountain National Forest.

The new facility will benefit other federal parks such as: the Andrew Johnson National Historical Site, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. Unlike the new facility these sites do not have proper storage to maintain the artifacts or historical records. Please plan a trip to East Tennessee in your future when this facility is done to see and experience what shaped the Smoky Mountains as what we know today!

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