How to pick the right cabin for your vacation!

If you are planning a trip to the mountains but do not know where to start- let us help! We have compiled a list of several things that might help before you rent a cabin from Cabins For You!
What are the amenities? It is imperative to know what special accessories will be at your disposal when you rent a cabin for your next vacation. On our website, like most vacation rental companies do, you will find a list (per cabin) of amenities that are included.

These amenities can range from a dart board to something as extravagant as an indoor pool/spa. Be mindful that these amenities can cause the price of the cabin to be more expensive than a cabin without those features. Think about it this way- what amenities can you live without while you are on vacation? What must you have in order to enjoy your vacation that you are willing to pay more for?

Is this cabin pet friendly? One thing you have to understand is that no matter how clean your pet is they always leave a trace. In order to avoid getting charged damage fees make sure that when you rent a cabin and you are planning on bringing your pet that the cabin rental you choose is “pet friendly”. This means that the cabin owner has consented to customers bringing their animals along for their vacation for a small fee of $50 per pet.

What is the road like that leads to your cabin? Is the road: paved, gravel, steep? You need to take these things into account in advance because of changing weather conditions and the kind of car you will use to vacation. In the winter months in the mountains a car will not be able to drive up some of our driveways. Most of the time in snow a 4 wheel drive vehicle is needed to properly and safely drive on the road.

The most important thing to remember when renting a cabin is how many people will be staying with you. Many people think that you need six rooms if you have six people staying. The truth is, is that when you stay in a cabin you are not too concerned with having your own room. The important thing for a lot of people is having family time and relaxing. We have a variety of sleeping options. We have sleeper sofas in some of our cabin rental living areas, and we also have futons in some of our cabins as well.

These are excellent options for last minute guests, children, or those guests that do not need their own room. Staying in a cabin rental that has less bedrooms is sometimes a way to make your vacation less expensive but in no way means that the quality of the cabin is lower.

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  1. What got my attention was how you said that since pets leave a mark no matter how clean and disciplined a pet was, so it’s best to make sure that the cabin that we’ll be renting was pet-friendly in order to avoid paying for damages. The reason why that got my attention was that we have for pet dogs that we plan on taking with us for our next family vacation. It has been a while since we last rented a cabin, and we didn’t have a pet then, so it was really helpful that I came across this article. Thank you!

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