New Dollywood Roller Coaster – FireChaser Express

Dollywood’s newest roller coaster, FireChaser Express, is finally complete! On March 22, 2014 this coaster will be open and ready for those brave souls who are ready to board and take off! The FireChaser Express has been under construction since shortly after it was announced to be an upcoming attraction on August 22, 2013. The manufacturer of this coaster is Germany-based Gerstlauer, the same manufacturer of Dollywood’s award winning Euro-tighter coaster, Mystery Mine.

FireChaser Express is themed after the volunteer-based fire departments of the 1940s that protected the neighboring Smoky Mountain National Park. The train leaves from the train station when it is alerted that there is an emergency that needs their help. The ride takes you on an adventure to put out fires and bring safety to the town once again. When the ride begins you and your co riders are spontaneously transformed into a volunteer firefighter and your task of rescue and safety is ahead of you!

Going at speeds of 0-16 mph in 1.1 seconds you first speed through the fireworks testing area. Upon encountering notorious “Big Bertha” skyrocket, lightening hits Crazy Charlie’s Gas and fireworks emporium! You and your other volunteer firefighters hurry to extinguish the fire when suddenly real pyrotechnics explode in a beautiful fireworks display which sends the FireChaser Express hurdling backwards to safety at a speed of 0-20 mph in 2 seconds.

FireChaser Express is the second Gerstlauer coaster in the Park and it is bound to be just as amazing as the first coaster which is called Mystery Mine. The park location is called Wilderness Pass and you must be 39’ to ride. The track length of this roller coaster is 2,427 feet which takes the three trains with seven rows of riders on 2 minutes and 19 second duration of the ride! There are several different elements to this ride. The riders will take part in 2 helices, 6 airtime moments and the coaster goes up to heights of twelve stories, tilting side to side. There is a “trick track” that upon it switching returns riders safely to the station. When the FireChaser Express is at its top speed it goes a maximum of 34.5 mph!

Celebrate the heroic spirit of the volunteer fire department who showed nothing but bravery and courage. This coaster is the first dual launch family roller coaster that goes both backwards and forwards!

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