Stringtime In The Smokies

August is a great time to head to Pigeon Forge Tennessee because it gives you that last minute of family fun before the kids go back to school.

Mountain music will fill the air as you walk through Patriot Park and the surrounding areas of the The Old Mill Restaurant. Stringtime in the Smokies will be held August 13 and August 14 and some of Tennessee’s best Appalachian musicians, crafters, and artisans will be there to demonstrate their skills. These knowledgeable musicians, crafters and artisans will be on hand to answer any questions you have about their specialized skills.

These performers will be on stage to entertain you with plenty of “jam sessions” so everyone can get into the act. Also, if you are into antiques there will be some antique farm equipment on display for you and there are also several old-fashioned games available that children, teenagers and adults can all enjoy. There will be plenty of delicious food at Stringtime in the Smokies and plenty of picnic tables to sit at and enjoy.

Admission is free, the food is great, the music is fantastic and there are plenty of games for everyone to enjoy. Get your bags packed and start making plans to head to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for this year’s Stringtime in the Smokies. There will definitely be something for everyone to enjoy!

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