10 Ways To Beat The Heat

Summer is a fun time to visit Gatlinburg, but it’s so hot outside that sometimes you’d rather avoid the Parkway and not hear people complain that it’s hot. There are several fun things to do inside (and a few outside) to enjoy the summer weather without dealing with the heat.

  1. Enjoy ice cream at Kilwin’s Chocolates and Ice Cream shop located along the Parkway.
  2. Order a pizza and spend a day at the mountain cabin you rented playing games or watching movies.
  3. Wild Bear Falls Indoor Water Park is great for everyone.
  4. Take advantage of pool access that your Gatlinburg cabin may have. If it doesn’t, refer back to #3.
  5. Water balloon fight. Outside of course, but at least there is water hitting you… unless the person throwing it has bad aim.
  6. Go shopping. You’ll be outside for one minute while going from store to store. Good thing is the stores have air conditioning.
  7. There are several indoor attractions in the Gatlinburg area (think Ripley’s attractions, Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre, etc). Go visit a few so you can give others advice about which ones were good.
  8. Rafting or tubing. Sure it’s outside in the heat but the water feels so good that it’s worth it!
  9. Ice skating at Ober Gatlinburg. Pretend it’s winter for an hour or so.
  10. Get in your air conditioned car (assuming the air conditioner works) and ride through the National Park. Other people may choose to hike or walk trails but you can watch them sweat while you stay cool and comfortable in your ride.

Did we miss some activities that will beat the heat in Gatlinburg TN?

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