Hummer Ride In The Mountains

The Hummer Tour – My Favorite Attraction Yet

I’ve always wanted to take a Hummer tour in Gatlinburg! I wasn’t really sure if it would be fun or not but I’m an adventure lover and like to try everything at least once. I’ll go ahead and tell you that my complimentary Hummer tour ride with Outdoor Adventures of the Smokies was my absolute favorite attraction/adventure in Gatlinburg to date. I have to mention that there’s a lot I haven’t done yet, but the Hummer tour was so amazing that I had to take the time and give Outdoor Adventures of the Smokies some recognition.

It’s not really a tour….It’s more like an adventure ride through the mountain.

I recently contacted the team at Outdoor Adventures of the Smokies because I wanted to write a blog about their many adventure rides and tours. They invited me over to check them out so I went over to take their infamous Hummer tour.

I had a blast.

I’ve never been mudding before. I’ve never been 4wheeling in the mountains before. I’ve never done anything remotely similar to this before. So, I had no clue what to expect. Honestly, I thought it could potentially be a little boring.

I was wrong.

The trip started with a casual but understood warning about keeping our hands inside the vehicle. It reminded me of the warning that you get right before you go on a roller coaster, the same warning people ignore when they put their hands up and out and scream at the top of their lungs. This Hummer tour warning however was very important. Equally as important was my seatbelt. I put it on thinking that I could wear it comfortably loose.

I’ve never relied on a seatbelt so much for so long in my life!

I’ve been in accidents and I’ve been on rollercoaster’s, but they aren’t long tours. They happen pretty quickly. During the whole Hummer tour trail ride I was very aware that the only thing holding me in my seat was my seatbelt and the Hummer roll cage looking thing.

What an adrenaline rush!

As soon as we hit the trail I tightened my seatbelt. There was no holding myself in the Hummer during the tour. We hit bumps that threw me around. Luckily my seatbelt kept me glued tightly to my seat. We went down hills that felt like a 90 degree angle (I’m sure it wasn’t nearly this steep but boy did it feel scary.) We slid through mud puddles which caused me to think we were going to slide off of the mountain. We got stuck trying to climb a hill with the Hummer (which resulted in us reversing and powering up a little more quickly.) We got smacked by green leaves that dared to challenge our beast of a Hummer, and we screamed our way through a forest of trails.

I was the loudest.

I really did try to contain myself but when I get that much adrenaline pumping in me I can’t help it. I become a little girl again. I don’t think the driver minded too much because I was sitting in the very back. The other passengers didn’t seem to mind either. At one point I tried to be very quiet because the driver was pulling what in my mind seemed like a very risky

maneuver. The lady in front of me looked back and said “It worries me when I don’t hear you.”

I failed.

I tried so hard not to scream but it didn’t work. As soon as we hit the downward slope I let out a scream that announced the sheer excitement and panic that were both flooding my being.

It was so worth the time.

I had a great time. Thanks to Hummer Tours I will never forget my first 4wheeling experience. For more information about rides and prices please visit their website.

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