Pet Friendly Ideas for Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is a hot vacation spot for any family or individual looking to get away from the “everyday” aspects of life. As you prepare for your getaway, however, you may be stuck with one important question – what do you do with the pets? While these animal friends can often be sources of stress themselves, it’s often hard to even consider leaving them behind or in the hands of others. Not to worry, though – Pigeon Forge features many pet-friendly locations for both you and your pets to enjoy!

Pet Friendly AdviceThe first step to preparing your pet-friendly trek to Pigeon Forge is to insure that your cabin is pet-approved. As you’re sure to have discovered for yourself, cleaning up after animals can be a difficult (and often unwelcome) task. This holds true in cabins as well, unfortunately, and so in order to begin vacationing with your pet you’ll need to book a pet-friendly facility. These tend to include hardwood floors and leather furniture, which are easier for to clean overall. Also, be sure to be wary of any extra cleaning fees you might incur.

Pigeon Forge also sports a number of activities that allow your animal friend to come along and join the fun, provided that they remain well-behaved and that you adhere to leash laws. In fact, one of the city’s most popular attractions – the Mountain Valley Vineyards – allows animals in its facilities, although they are not allowed in the tasting room. For some outdoor, active fun for your pet, try checking out Patriot Park, which sports all sorts of trails and open areas for both you and your furry friends! On a similar note, if you’re planning to visit the city’s most famous feature – Dollywood – you should note that animals are not actually allowed inside the park. However, Dollywood does feature a kennel where your animals can be kept for a slight fee.

You also shouldn’t let your animal’s company spoil any shopping you might want to do while visiting the area. Both the Pigeon Forge Factory Outlet Mall and the Tanger Factory Outlet are pet-tolerant for your convenience! And if the summer heat starts to wear on you after all that shopping, you and your pet are both free to visit Basking Robbins for some ice cream treats!

As you can see, this city is certainly one that allows your animals to come along for the ride. With so many pet-friendly activities, you needn’t worry about your companions holding you back from all the fun. Pigeon Forge encourages you to come and join the activities, with leash in hand and excitement on your mind!

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