Riverfront Views: Cabins on the Water

Imagine waking up and walking to the back deck with your morning coffee and a good book as the peaceful sounds of nearby water running through the lush green forests surround your cabin. In the soft morning lights shining through the trees and the sounds of wildlife bustling in the early day, you are sure to be thankful for finding this little piece of heaven on earth thanks to Cabins for YOU.

The Great Smoky Mountains are home to over 2,100 miles of streams ranging from wide, rapid-filled rivers to calmer, little creeks. The flowing waters of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and surrounding areas are a beautiful complement to the high, cloud-shrouded peaks of the mountains. Home to numerous species of fish, the Smoky Mountains is one of the last natural wild-trout habitats in the Eastern Continental United States! Certainly, look into doing some whitewater rafting while you are in the area because the Upper Pigeon River has got some thrilling class III and IV rapids that make for an exciting day on the river. 

There are many reasons to stay in a waterfront cabin (or one near flowing waters) when you’re in the Smokies. Among many, you’ll have serene sounds as your bedtime backdrop, picturesque water views, free outdoor fun for you and the kids, and easy access for fishing on nice days!

Calming Sounds of Nature

No need for those nature sounds applications on your smart phone; simply crack your bedroom window and let the real sounds of nature lull you into some of the most restful sleep you have had in a while. Bring a folding chair and that book you have been meaning to finish and set up a serene reading area right next to babbling brook. Pack your hammock, such as an ENO or Serac, and take a dreamy nap as the creek faintly sings and the afternoon sun drifts down through the leaves like a kaleidoscope over your head. The sound of running water not only calms your mind, but also reconnects you with nature in a way that can soothe your soul. Write that letter you have been putting off or color in an adult coloring book while you sit in the patio furniture and the rippling river drowns out your internal stresses.

Amazing Views Year-Round

In the same way the sounds of running water can soothe and lull you into a peaceful state of mind, the views can be just as therapeutic! Many visitors to the Smoky Mountains are in search of mountain views, justifiably so because they are majestic. But do not underestimate the bewitching beauty of the life-giving waters creeping through the mountain forestry. With each transition of the seasons, you can experience a different phase of nature’s beauty along the river. In the springtime, watch the surrounding forestry grow green and bloom as the river’s waters moisten the soil. The summer means experiencing the cool babbling brooks as a respite from the heat. The moving waters reflect the warm colors of red, yellow, and orange as the trees’ leaves drop and float along the river in autumn. In the winter, the mountains become an icy wonderland as the streams ice over and snow covers the trees. Take in all the sights from your cabin’s deck and be in awe year-round. Rock slowly in your cabin’s porch swing or lay out your yoga mat for the beautiful backdrop of the running waters and the crisp smells of nature hydrated by the river. Plan a special picnic lunch and lay a blanket out by the stream for a romantic meal for 2 or an exciting lunch for the kids!

Free Entertainment

Spend free quality time with your children and show them how to skip rocks using the smooth stones on the river’s edge. When the water of the stream is shallow, put on your water shoes and grab your folding chair, because sitting in the middle of the river while the kids splash around on a hot summer’s day is a great way to keep an eye out while still relaxing! Tether your float to the river bank and enjoy a cold sweet tea or crisp beer while floating in the river (without floating away). If you are interested in floating the Pigeon River for a couple miles of relaxing and drifting along the waters, River Rat Tubing Company provides floats, drop off, and pickup!


As one of the country’s favorite fishing destinations, the Smokies is one place you don’t want to forget your fishing pole! The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the few natural habitats left of wild trout. The thousands of miles of streams are also home to desirable catches such as small-mouth bass, shiners, and darters. You will need to have a license and follow state guidelines to help preserve this diverse, important habitat. Acquiring a Tennessee State fishing license is easy and you can even apply online, if you prefer! The Pigeon Forge Chamber of Commerce details specific guidelines placed on type of bait and time of day to best serve the environmental conservation efforts while still allowing the sport of fishing to go on in the area’s streams.

Cabins with Mountain Views

Prefer high mountain peaks to valleys and rivers? Cabins for YOU has a wide variety of luxurious mountain cabins located high above the valleys for miles and miles of mountaintop skylines. Watch white, fluffy clouds drift above evergreen peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains as you listen to your favorite audio book or reconnect with your family on the back deck of your cabin. Take long, soothing soaks in the outdoor hot tubs in full view of the rolling mountains beyond the porch. Even on rainy days, it is incredibly beautiful when the heavy clouds crawl over the mountain peaks to hide their highest points in the hydrating mists of the storms. Let the kids paint pictures of the mountain landscape while dad cooks out on the grill. Bring your morning coffee to the deck and let the birds be the only voices heard in the stillness of the morning daylight. Cabins for YOU provides 1 to 2 and 3 to 5 bedroom cabins and even large group lodges with breathtaking mountain views for everyone to gawk over.

Outdoor Fun

While talking about the beauty of nature and the picturesque views, we cannot skip saying: get outside and play! The Great Smoky Mountains are home to some of the most fun outdoor activities around! Take on the raging rapids of the Pigeon River and go whitewater rafting with some experienced, safe, and enthusiastic rafting companies. Zip through mountain forestry and over rivers and valleys while zip lining with Smoky Mountain Ziplines! You can also hike, bike, go horseback riding, fish, have picnics along the water, ride mountain coasters…and the list goes on and on.

Whether it is from the back porch of your cabin, from your vehicle in Cades Cove, or in a raft on the river, you will want to remember every exquisite minute. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the country’s most visited park because of her majestic, awe-inspiring mountain peaks, peaceful wildflower-filled valleys, and the quiet beauty of the flowing rivers and streams. Find your perfect cabin with soul-stirring views, today!