Going “Green” in the Smoky Mountains

It seems that almost everyone these days has some sort of claim to the green revolution that our country is seeing. In the past several years, individuals and businesses have begun to put an emphasis on the idiom, “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Whether it is in an effort to make our planet better for the next generation, to grow business, or to make a political statement, making our world a cleaner, more sustainable place is certainly a good thing. But for the residents (and visiting lovers) of Pigeon Forge, TN, preserving nature is not a new idea or a passing fad.

It is evident, by the millions of people each year who make the Great Smoky Mountains National Park the most visited, that there are few landmarks as scenic and awe-inspiring than the Great Smoky Mountains. The natural beauty of the area is incredible, and those who have witnessed this have been working for years to maintain its purity. Right now, Pigeon Forge is taking great strides in becoming even more environmentally friendly so that future generations can enjoy East Tennessee just as we do now. Here are a few ways Pigeon Forge is doing its part:

Green Parking:  Built with permeable pavement that prevents runoff by letting rainwater soak to the ground, Pigeon Forge’s Municipal parking lot at 2936 Teaster Lane is boasted as Tennessee’s first “green” parking lot.

Winterfest Lights:  The over five million lights that serve as a backdrop for the city’s much-loved Winterfest have now been completely converted to LED lights to make the show much more energy efficient.

Recycling:  Instead of using the typical curbside recycling system, Pigeon Forge uses a composting facility which handles the separation process of waste and produces compost for resale. With this method, locals don’t have to change their waste disposal habits, but the waste sent to landfills is still reduced drastically.

Fun Time Trolleys:  The Fun Time Trolley system not only saves individuals fuel, but it also reduces exhaust. If more people ride the trolleys, then fewer cars are out on the road. They even have some electric hybrids, some fueled by propane, and some that use bio-diesel fuel.

Greenways: Throughout the city, a number of pedestrian and bicycle trails are available for locals and visitors to enjoy. Along with the creation of a closer-knit community, these trails promote physical fitness and encourage people to see Pigeon Forge in a new way.

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