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You asked, so we listened – here is your chance to win a $500 gift certificate from Cabins For You! Get your creative juices flowing and enter to win by participating in our new contest…Name a Cabin! One of our new cabin owners is building a luxury log home and is giving us the opportunity to choose its name. We are taking all of your submissions to name this new cabin – something that is clever, unique, and memorable.

This plush Pigeon Forge cabin rental will offer many amenities that will place its guests in the lap of luxury. We need the cabin name to suit all of its great features, a name that would make you want to stay there! The cabin name must be fitting and approved by the new cabin owner.

This luxurious Pigeon Forge cabin rental will offer six bedrooms and a view of the Great Smoky Mountains and the surrounding forest. The main feature of this Pigeon Forge cabin rental will be…a private, indoor heated pool! Log interiors, grand furnishings, and big screen televisions are the cherry on top of this deluxe cabin rental. This cabin will be a relaxing and elegant place to retreat with family or friends.

The cabin to be named will be constructed and furnished in a style similar to our other cabin rentals, Copper River and Sierra Springs. The new cabin name must include words that hint to its private swimming pool and mountain views. Since the cabin is still under construction, we will not be able to provide pictures, so use your imagination to come up with this cabin’s name that will be fit for a king.

Here’s how the contest will work: we will post the Name a Cabin Facebook contest to our Cabins For You Facebook page for a full seven days. To enter, simply comment on the Facebook contest post. You can enter as many times and as many names as you want, so corral your family and friends to enter their suggestions for a chance to win a free vacation, too!

The new cabin rental owner and the Cabins For You staff will select their favorite and appropriate names from each day’s Facebook contest to compete in a final round of voting. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for possible editing of contest rules or new rules that may be put in place.

During the final round of voting, ask your Facebook friends to comment on the posts to root for your entry to win a free vacation. Keep in mind that only names that are fitting for the cabin will be chosen, and copied or duplicate entries from other entries will not be considered. Post as often as you wish to increase your chances of winning a $500 gift certificate for a free vacation at any of our Cabins For You rentals! (Some Stipulations Apply)


  • Comment on the Name a Cabin Facebook posts (we will be posting the contest once per day).
  • Only entries on the Name a Cabin Facebook post will be accepted.
  • Comment as many times with as many names as you want. There are no limits.
  • Incorporate the cabin’s indoor pool or water access.
  • The winner will receive a $500 gift certificate to apply to any of our cabins. (Some stipulations may apply)

To participate in the Name a Cabin Facebook contest, ensure that you have “liked” the Cabins For You Facebook page, We also suggest adding Cabins For You to your interest list, making sure that you see all of our posts and possible contest updates. Please comment on each day’s Name a Cabin Facebook contest post – entries on our wall or anywhere else on our Facebook page will not be considered.
Contest starts July 21, 2014 and ends at midnight on July 28, 2014Name a Cabin Contest

DISCLAIMER: The new cabin name must be approved by the cabin owner, so there is a chance that none of the names our Facebook fans suggest will be used. If this does occur, there will be no contest winner. To ensure your entry is considered for the final round, brainstorm and use your imagination to create an appropriate and suitable cabin name that highlights its great features (the indoor pool!)

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