How to Plan a Large Group Retreat

Being close with your friends or family members may inspire you to take a large group vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains. Vacationing with a group of 15 or more is unlike any other smaller group retreat you’ve had before, in fact, it can be more fun and more stressful all at the same time! From nailing down logistics, budgets and travel details, there’s a whirlwind of information you must account for when you’re looking for a great large group cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

However, despite all of the coordination and teamwork required, a large group retreat can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. Being surrounded by your loved ones, experiencing new sights and the quality time you will spend with one another far outweigh any difficulties you might encounter. In fact, planning a large group retreat doesn’t have to be stressful at all! Check out our helpful tips below to make your large group vacation planning smooth and hassle-free.

Step 1: Decide who’s “in” and set a budget.

Vacationing with people that have a similar financial mindset as you will help make this process easier. While large group cabins may initially appear to have a hefty price tag, the price is often much cheaper per person than smaller cabins. One of our largest group cabins, Plimpton Lodge totes a nightly price tag starting at $700/night – when you divide that by the 44 people the cabin sleeps, it’s less than $16 per person. Find a cabin that meets your pricing criteria and reserve it for your desired dates.

Step 2: Keep in touch with everyone.

When vacationing with so many people, it’s hard to touch base with everyone regarding your plans. We recommend setting up a Facebook fan or event page, invite all of the guests and talk to them that way. Request input on dinner plans, attractions and entertainment options. Allow everyone to do some research and make suggestions themselves – don’t get tied down doing all of the planning! Propose the idea of renting a couple 15 passenger vans…it can make traveling to and from attractions much easier.

Step 3: Assemble your itinerary.

Or don’t! Depending on the group you are vacationing with, you may or may not wish to plan out every detail of your Smoky Mountain adventure. Account for a “free day” where everyone can do something they want to do. Don’t get offended if one of your guests doesn’t want to make the trip to dinner or Dollywood…keep in mind that it’s their vacation, too! Have contact numbers for restaurants and entertainment destinations you would like to visit – Gatlinburg attractions often offer discounts for large groups, while restaurants will appreciate a call ahead letting them know that you and your crew are on their way.

Step 4: Have fun!

Once you arrive, let all of the stresses of planning and preparing melt away – you have made it to the Great Smoky Mountains! Get ready to enjoy a great vacation with your friends and family members. Any vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a memorable one, however, when you travel with a large group, your escape becomes extra special.

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