The Biblical Times Theater in Pigeon Forge

The Biblical Times Theater in Pigeon Forge is the place to see both talent and Christmas festivities! The theater offers music and food while telling the story of Jesus and what many feel that the Christmas season is all about. This family-friendly show will bring you hope for things to come while also teaching you new things that you and your family may not have heard before. The two-part dinner theater event will be an event to remember!

This theater is located in Pigeon Forge at the heart of the city, right on the Parkway! Jam-packed with beautiful music, talented actors, and even some new additions this year, the theater is sure to entertain! There is a seven-course meal that is sure to impress with delicious foods of all kinds. You can have dinner here with your family and then enjoy the show after you have finished your meal.

A feast fit for a king, the seven-course dinner includes wood-smoked pulled pork, jumbo chicken fingers, smoked roast beef, salad, herb-garnished red potatoes, baked beans, Christmas caramel cream cake, and cheese biscuits. There is also unlimited sweet tea and lemonade! Come and dine with family as you listen to traditional Christmas music, gospel, and classic hymns.
The purpose of this dinner theater is to present the message of the gospel thoroughly, but in a way that everyone can understand. The music is an enjoyable part of the evening that has received rave reviews. After the songs performed by the talented staff draws to an end, dinner should be nearly over. The actual show will begin once dinner has commenced and the meal portion is over.

Offering both afternoon and evening performances, there are shows to meet almost any schedule. Enjoy 2 p.m. matinees and 6 p.m. evening services with a live cast! The earlier show will feature the same foods and will be Moses Mountain of God! This show will also include holographs – state-of-the-art electronic features that will make you feel like you are back in the Bible days.
Many customers have raved about the delicious food and Christian environment. The award-winning staff is both talented and entertaining! Make sure to plan your trip to this dinner theater while you are in town! If you are looking for an unforgettable experience that will bring you joy, this is the place for you!

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