Kick’n Country in Pigeon Forge TN

There Is New Show for Lovers of Country Music In Pigeon Forge TN

Tennessee is very well known for the amount of country music stars that come out of the beloved state and there’s definitely no lack of country music talent in Gatlinburg. Recently, a new country music show announced its grand opening. The show, called Kick’n Country, features country music hits and a contemporary feel.

There are two components that really make the Kick’n Country music show near Gatlinburg. The first, is the choice of songs. The show starts with a few contemporary songs that guests can’t help but sing along to. These songs include Save a Horse, Life is a Highway, and Before He Cheats. The show continues with more popular country music songs that country music fans are sure to love including Why Don’t we just dance, Ain’t Going Down, Need You Now, Flat on the Floor, and Boon Docks.

The second component that adds to the fun of the Kick’n Country music show is the great cast. Watching the award-winning performers really is a treat. From the fiddler, and the electric guitarist, to the drummer and the acoustic guitarist, they all seem to love performing and have great chemistry with the audience. The interaction is fun and the musical talent is noteworthy. The singers are also extremely talented. They may not be Faith Hill or Rascal Flatts, but they do a good job belting out their songs!

There’s also a comedic element to the Kick’n Country music show near Gatlinburg. His name is Elwood Smooch. He is a funny looking man with big pants that bounce up and down when he laughs. He’s got crossed eyes, a country twang, and a funny laugh, and adds humor to the show by bantering back and forth with the dashing host of the Kick’n Country music show, Kelley Stout. Elwood Smooch even sings a song that the audience can’t help but laugh at. It’s called She Thinks my Tractor’s Sexy.

The Kick’n Country music show is a unique addition to the list of shows in the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. There really isn’t a show like it in the area. The energy of the show mixed with the great lighting and sound, live band, and good singers make it a fun time. It’s a show created specifically for adults so there’s no surprise that the concession stand is complete with snacks and beer.

Tickets for the show can be purchased by calling the Kick’n Country music show’s box office at 865-429-7469. The special price of $20 a person is available to audiences as part of the show’s grand opening. The Kick’n Country music show is live every Monday through Saturday night at 8pm and runs for approximately two hours.

Here’s a sample list of the songs currently being performed at the Kick’n Country music show:

Save a Horse
Life is a Highway
Before He Cheats
Down in Mississippi
Little White Church
Next Thing Smokin
I Told You So
Wanna Kiss a Girl
She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy
Why Don’t we Just Dance
And So many more…

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