Fall in Love this Fall in the Smokies

Sometimes misplaced stress can really get in the way of relationships and romance. Just remember: your partner didn’t pile on all that extra paperwork before the weekend or make your passive-aggressive work schedule that leaves you worn out. So, when life is causing your relationship stress, get away! Go back to the basics and escape together to the Smoky Mountains for a romantic cabin vacation. The Smokies are considered one of the most affordable romantic areas in the country for plenty of good reasons!

Rent a Gatlinburg cabin for a weekend and have your own little staycation filled with card games, wine, movies, a jetted tub, and homemade dinners. Get out and explore the heart-stirring mountain views together. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg come especially alive during the fall, so plan on attending one of the many marvelous events happening in the Smoky Mountain area. With so many ways to make memories and spend quality time together, your loved one will feel especially appreciated and really impressed by your ability to plan such an awesome vacation.

Simply Romantic Cabin Staycation
It is hard to have a deep conversation when the kids are doing laps around the house and you’ve lost count of the stains in the carpet or the dishes in the sink. Sometimes the work, school, or housekeeping routines cause our minds to go into autopilot, and familiar relationships get put on the backburner.

  • A cabin staycation is one of my favorite remedies, and it is worth every penny. A totally new atmosphere, especially one as awe-strikingly beautiful as the Smoky Mountains, breathes new and therapeutic life into our relationships. Besides the obvious allure of a rocking chair and nature sounds or a jetted tub with a bottle of wine, here is a little list of staycation ideas for your romantic cabin getaway!
  • Classic movie date with a cabin twist
    Pack some favorite DVs, pop some popcorn, and set up a romantic movie viewing in front of the fireplace or on the couch for an easy, enchanting date. Some cabin rentals are even equipped with in-home theaters, so you have the sound and viewing experience without the lines or prices!

  • Flex those cooking skills
    Swing by the grocery store and pick up everything you need to make your signature meal (mine is lemon-butter grilled chicken) or try to whip up something new. Food is said to be the way to a man’s heart, and based on myself, it’s the way to woman’s heart as well. A romantic dinner is a classic go-to, and it’s even more romantic in a Gatlinburg cabin. Drop by The Old Mill General Store and pick up a box of their famous pancake mix to impress your better half with breakfast in bed, too.

  • Do you remember how to flirt?
    I have cracked up laughing the hardest while playing a meaningless card or board game and trash talking my significant other. Play the classic Gin Rummy, compete over who knows more (or less) of the English language playing Scrabble over glasses of wine or your shared favorite beer…whatever you do, just take a break from adulthood and remember how to enjoy your friendship. It’s one of the best ways to reconnect. Just never Monopoly…it breaks up families.

  • Really impress, or even better, surprise them!
    As much as you are doing it for them, you’ll want to schedule that in-cabin couple’s massage for your own benefit, too. Choose from all different kinds of massages, from Swedish massages to deep tissue, for a relaxing and romantic night in the cabin that’s sure to work the stress out of you both.
  • Autumn Events to Fall In Love With
    While staying in your cabin can be truly enchanting, you will definitely want to hit up one of the really awesome events taking place in the Smoky Mountains during fall. The bright colors of all the leaves transitioning from green to yellow, red, and orange makes this a magical time in the mountains, and the fall celebrations go hand in hand around the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge areas. Get out and have fun with your sidekick while you experience something new together this fall in the Smokies!

  • Sugarland’s Mountainfest (September 28 – October 1)
    This festival has it all, so it’s almost impossible for you to not find something you’ll both enjoy during this giant weekend celebration. There are 5ks to run, fishing events to enter, wine and whiskey tastings, biking events, dozens of food trucks to try, a huge artisans market to watch the experts do their work live, and, oh yeah, a giant music festival!

  • Rocky Top Wine Trail
    Interested in running around the Smoky Mountain area but want something more laid back than the giant Sugarlands Mountainfest? Take the Rocky Top Wine Trail tour through the Smoky Mountains, where you can go at your own pace, local wineries and a distillery, and go in whatever order you wish. Every location offers free tastings, and a few of the locations offer free tours! Really enjoy this Smoky Mountain attraction without worrying what the kids would want to be doing or if the group isn’t interested; this vacation is all about you and your person. Cheers to uninterrupted quality time!

    Explore Nature Together

  • The Smoky Mountain region is an incredibly captivating area of the South you should share in with your favorite adventure partner by your side. Gorgeous mountain vistas, dipping valleys, fields of wildflowers, rushing waterfalls, quiet streams, historic buildings set among fields of green, diverse wildlife…it’s all here!

    The most relaxing Sunday drive you will ever take on any day
    The 31-mile stretch of road through Newfound Gap is absolutely heavenly. Put in your #throwbackthursday mixed CD or playlist from the early times of your relationship and soak in the deep green forests, hand in hand. The drive is relaxing and romantic as Newfound Gap Road (U.S. 441) winds deep through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park beside creeks and alongside mountain views you will want to pullover for. The fall foliage is especially breathtaking during September through November! There are numerous areas to park the car and snap a few pics; here’s one I took this past April:

  • Frolic and fall in love in the Smokies
    While sightseeing from the car is lovely, get out and be adventurous together! Cades Cove has mountain valleys, wildlife, historic cabins, fields of wildflowers, and multiple ways to enjoy all of these sights. Cades Cove Stables offers guided horseback and horse-drawn carriage tours through the dreamy foothill forests. Take a morning bike ride together along the paved loop; you can bring your own bicycles or simply rent on location from the Cades Cove Campground Store. Personally, I love hiking, and Cades Cove has some easy to moderate trails couples are sure to enjoy. Abrams Falls leads you to a 20-foot waterfall named for a Native American Cherokee Chief. After a day full of exercise, sit down and discuss your favorite parts of Cades Cove over a cute picnic lunch under the pavilion.

    These are my favorite therapeutic remedies, but definitely, explore all that the Smoky Mountains area has to offer for a romantic getaway. The dreamy mountain skylines and fresh air do a lot of good for love and reconnecting with nature and your special someone simultaneously is a winning combination!

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