Fall Season In Gatlinburg

Looking out of the window of one of our cabin rentals, it’s easy to see why people love the Fall season in Gatlinburg. The Smoky Mountains surround the city of Gatlinburg and create a beautiful playground for all. Visitors and residents alike look forward to the Fall season in Gatlinburg because it’s so magical. The magic is part of why this beloved town has become such a popular vacation destination for families from around the world.

The Fall in Gatlinburg is magnificent. The beauty is of course natural, but can tend to make a person think there’s more to it. One can’t help but think about the God that created the world when they see the amazing changes that take place in the Fall in Gatlinburg. The leaves change to gorgeous hues of yellow and orange. The green colors die down and the earth speaks of being ready for the winter to come.Gatlinburg Fall Season

Not only does the plant life react to the wonderfully cool weather, so do the residents of Gatlinburg. There are many activities in Gatlinburg during the Fall. The beautiful weather acts as an invitation for activity and celebration. In Gatlinburg people like to come together and enjoy the beauty of the season and we thought it might be useful for you to know about the events available during your vacation to Gatlinburg in the Fall so we’ve put together a list.

Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair – October 7th through the 23rd

The Craftsmen’s Fair is display of almost 200 booths that feature the work of artists from all over the nation. The artists give demonstrations of their amazing skills and display their art for sale. Anyone that loves art, crafts, or music will love this event. The Fair is open daily from 10am to 6pm except for Sundays in which case they close at 5pm.

Trout tournament – September 25th through the 26th

The Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament is in it’s 11th year and is open to adults and children. The tournament advertises several categories for visitors as well as locals to participate in. They also boast of having the largest trout tournament in the Smokies.

Farmers market – August 1st through November 20th

The Gatlinburg Farmer’s Market is a chance for local farmers to sell their healthy food to visitors of Gatlinburg. The Market is open from 8am to 11:30am every Saturday morning in the parking lot of the Alamo Steakhouse.

Fall colors – August 10th through November 15th

The leaves change in Gatlinburg during these dates and many families travel to the Smokies just to witness the beautiful colors on display. It’s a great idea to spend some time in the Smoky Mts. National Park during these dates.

Annual Taste of Autumn – September 23rd

This is a food fundraiser that benefit’s the United Way of Sevier County. Local restaurants bring signature dishes for people to sample and there’s live entertainment, a cash bar, and an auction. The Annual Taste of Autumn is held at the Gatlinburg Convention Center.

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