7 Ways CFY Advertises Your Vacation Rental Properties

CFY Advertising Property

When considering a vacation rental management company, it’s important to know the ins and outs of their advertising methods to ensure your properties get the attention they deserve. Plus, proper and well-executed marketing strategies should produce a significant revenue increase, which means more cash in your pocket. After all, what’s the point in handing over your properties to a management company if there’s no profit in it for you?

At Cabins for YOU, we want you to feel at ease, knowing your vacation rental properties are in the best care with a professional and skilled marketing team that stands out from the rest. With our passionate (and carefully selected) marketers and vacation specialists on your side, consider us devoted ambassadors for your properties. It’s our job to analyze, plan, and execute strategic maneuvers to push your properties to the forefront of the rental game — and we do so with a smile.

Why choose Cabins for YOU over the myriad of property management companies out there? Well, we can think of at least 7 reasons…aka ways we turn your up and coming properties into sought after (and successful) vacation rentals that host guests year-round.

    1. Dedicated (& Talented) In-house Marketing Team

      The CFY marketing team’s mission is to protect and promote our brand, drive revenue by owning property success, and cultivate new and repeat guests — there’s even a huge canvas in their department to remind them of these goals daily. Though it’s hardly necessary as every day they walk through the door or log in, they’re raring to market for YOU! Comprised of a close-knit crew, our marketing team works like a well-oiled machine, advertising alongside (and creating new) trends, pumping out creative content, engaging with guests and followers on social media, developing long lasting partnerships, and showcasing your vacation rental properties.

      Chief Marketing Officer
      Nothing subpar makes it past the CFY CMO! With the company since 2005, this active executive ensures your voice is heard and your properties are flawlessly advertised. Working closely with the Director of Marketing, he oversees the big picture marketing strategies, keeping his focus centered on long term goals, expanding the company, and pushing properties past the brink of success.

      Director of Marketing
      Our marketing team is spearheaded by the Director of Marketing, a strong team player and loyal leader who’s been with the company since 2010. Putting owners and guests first is her top priority, listening to feedback from both ends to help create strategic plans to adjust where necessary, foster fresh marketing ideas, and guide her team in the right direction. Her capable hands are in everything marketing, overseeing a multiplicity of campaigns, cabin onboarding, market research, SEO, and website development.

      Campaign & Community Manager
      Promoting properties and communal growth on social media, building partnerships with local attractions, and keeping the team unified is our Campaign & Community Manager’s passion. From sparking ideas and facilitating open discussions to managing campaign strategies and putting his heart and soul into their success, this creative thinker keeps us ahead of the vacation rental game.

      Traffic & Advertising Manager
      Working directly with the CMO, Director of Marketing, Campaign and Community Manager, and owner representatives on a regular basis, our Traffic & Advertising Manager concentrates on property performance and data analysis. When you receive recommendations to improve your property’s presence in the market, rest assured this guy has done all the research to back them! With constant number crunching, information packed graphs, and top resource utilization, he excels at monitoring and analyzing data to improve ad quality, social media campaigns, SEO, and sales.

      Advertising & Social Media Support
      Assisting the Traffic & Advertising Manager (and everyone else on our marketing team), our Advertising & Social Media Support role aids in revenue management, company and partner acquisitions, our Partner Program, social media posts and correspondence, ad distribution, promoting brand awareness, and oh-so-much more. Basically, she knocks anything we throw at her out of the park!

      Digital Marketing Specialist 
      Say hello to our Digital Marketing Specialist who manages our OTA (online travel agency) partners, giving your properties more exposure and an extra push in the vacation rental market. Processing OTA reservations daily, this role helps keep heads in beds, answering guest questions, communicating with our travel partners, and monitoring property pages.

      Design & Media Coordinator
      Drawings, photo edits, videos, social media graphics…if it looks fantastic, our Design & Media Coordinator is responsible. This team player brings a creativity boost to our marketing team and works closely with our Campaign and Community Manager on whipping up eye-catching ads and creating new concepts, characters, and designs for marketing campaigns. Plus, he ensures your property photos appeal to guests by remaining honest and promoting their most attractive aspects.

      Chief Editor & Content Creator
      Creating alluring content and maintaining consistency across the CFY brand is our Chief Editor & Content Creator. Nothing written reaches the public eye without passing her rigorous and thorough grammar, style, and content tests! Not to mention, she’s the brains behind many of our fresh content ideas across the board, staying on top of area trends and researching SEO strategies.

      Content Writer
      Working closely with our Chief Editor is our Content Writer, who whips up attention grabbing blogs, articles, scripts, emails, property descriptions, and other written content with SEO in mind. Devoting her attention to property rental success, she creates engaging pieces that motivate guests to click through, learn more, and ultimately, book their dream vacation. And if you ever want to know more about the area, our writer is a rich resource of information!

      Guest Retention Specialist
      An attentive ear in the marketing department, our Guest Retention Specialist follows up with guests after their stays to check in and gather important intel on your properties. Good or bad, she takes it all in stride, noting every detail, ensuring their voices matter, and funneling collected information to the appropriate departments. This role also facilitates positive reviews and encourages guests to return to your properties in the future.

    2. S(earch) E(ngine) O(ptimization) — Organic Traffic

      At Cabins for YOU, we want all eyes on your properties. That means we need to be skilled in Search Engine Optimization to ensure the content pushed for your vacation rentals is easily found. After all, a fantastic yet unseen landing page for your property…means no click through or online reservations.

      Our marketing team is well educated in SEO and stays current on surging changes. We keep our focus on keyword research to target and monitor the most fitting groups and align our written content to rein in organic traffic. In fact, over 1.1 million people come to our site annually through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other organic search engines alone. Plus, we bring in a renowned professional from time to time for an outside perspective to help climb the SEO ladder even further. Basically, we know how to play the SEO game — and win.

    3. Constant UX Research & Website Updates

      Listing your vacation rentals on a vacation rental website isn’t enough. The site needs to be user friendly, and CFY is committed to constant user experience research in addition to keeping our website regularly updated. While we want the website to look nice with modern mountain style, our priority is making sure the site is simple and easy to use so potential and repeat guests can find the property that suits their needs and book without a hassle.

      Questionnaires are sent out to guests who book online to collect important user insight on our website so we can see where we excel and where we can improve. Our marketing team also employs a professional web developer to ensure the site presents and performs in top condition consistently. Desktop and mobile are also taken into consideration when updating so visiting the site via computer or phone is effortless. Our thought process: the easier the online research and booking process is for a guest, the more likely they are to stay, return, and recommend.

    4. Targeted Email Campaigns

      One of the ways we reach out to potential guests is through targeted email campaigns. Instead of shooting tons of emails to everyone on our massive and ever growing email list (100s of 1000s!), we target specific demographics with relevant information to their vacation habits or requests. After all, don’t you hate it when a company spams your inbox with WAY too many emails?

      CFY doesn’t just send emails left and right willy nilly, we do the necessary research to encourage email openings, click-throughs, and bookings. Combining creative and stimulating content with targeted readers, our email campaigns are informative, highlight relevant rental properties, promote the area, and spur on reservations.

    5. Vacation Specialists

      Giving a kind voice to your properties, our vacation specialists are always smiling with enthusiasm to secure bookings. They are motivated with specific goals in mind and trained to know your vacation rentals inside and out (they may have even visited or stayed in your properties for the best insight). With these guys and gals on the phones, consider questions answered (any sort), amenities highlighted, and your vacation rental properties booked!

      When potential guests call, they’re greeted with a warm welcome and helpful guidance on things to do in the area, the best restaurants in town, favorite shops, and (most importantly) which vacation rentals fit their wishlist and budget. Our vacation specialists are go-getters, skilled at persuasion, and experts on your properties. Plus, guests appreciate their helpful guidance over the phone, so they don’t even have to lift a finger.

    6. Social Media

      Broadcasting your properties and fostering follower engagement, social media is a superb way to garner even more attention to your vacation rentals. With a combined 1.4 million followers on our Facebook pages (including our sister site Pigeon Forge TN Cabins), your properties have a huge potential guest pool on social media with CFY. And that’s not even counting visitors to our pages or partner posts that draw even more views, likes, and shares our way!

      Social posts and ads are carefully planned out with enticing videos, images, and written content to promote our brand, get people dreaming, and grab those click-throughs and calls! Our Pinterest page acquires roughly 334,000 monthly views, and our Instagram game is strong. Moreover, Marketing adds another voice to promote the area and your property rentals by monitoring the inboxes on Facebook and Instagram daily. CFY is on top of everything social media, constantly researching innovative ways to advertise our vacation rentals as well as engage with (and grow) followers.

    7. Online Advertising

      In today’s day it’s important to have all your ducks in a row when it comes to online advertising. With CFY, your vacation rental properties are showcased not only on our main website but also on our sister site (Pigeon Forge TN Cabins), Google posts and ads, social media, Spotify, and 30+ area related websites. Not to mention, we’re always testing and expanding our advertising reach online (and offline).

      Taking advantage of our large advertising budget, we currently reach 10+ million eyes annually across our paid advertising. And we increase your property exposure by partnering with local attractions and offering OTA options with our CFY Advantage Plan (ask your owner representative for more details).

The Takeaway — 7 Reasons CFY Should Advertise for YOU!

1 — Our ace in-house marketing team, jam packed with talent, creativity, and skill

2 — Strategically written content containing researched keywords that tackle SEO

3 — Constant user experience research to keep our website with the times

4 — Targeted email campaigns to pinpoint real-time guest potential and increase bookings

5 — Knowledgable vacation specialists, eager to encourage guests to stay at your properties

6 — Tons of follower engagement + attractive ads on social media

7 — Online advertising across multiple sites, social media platforms, and Google

Questions on Advertising with CFY?
We have answers for YOU — feel free to reach out to one of our owner representatives at 1.800.684.7865 or send us a message online. Chat with you soon!