Protect YOUR Vacation Rental & Increase Overall Profit with the CFY Advantage Plan

Quality care for your vacation rental means fewer issues and happier guests, leading to more bookings and increased revenue. Owned and operated by family, Cabins for YOU — a leader in vacation rental management — understands the struggle and challenges of managing, maintaining, cleaning, and promoting vacation properties. It’s a demanding job that costs time, effort, and money to make a substantial profit. While taking on everything alone can be rewarding, it’s our pleasure to give back countless hours, remove backbreaking work, and plan cost-effective strategies to maximize revenue for YOU.


Keeping owners first, Cabins for YOU has developed a unique and affordable program to help further care for your properties and increase profits simultaneously. The only one of its kind, the CFY Advantage Plan is designed to protect your vacation rental with proper inspections and preventative maintenance, provide basic inventory and bedbug treatment when needed, plus cover other essentials that include pool service and keypad lock installation. On top of this, you can add marketing tools, including capturing a 3D tour and listing with our channel partners (like VRBO), to strengthen your property’s online presence. For a low monthly fee, you can expect more time to do things you enjoy, assurance that your vacation rental has the best care, and extra cash filling your pockets!

Ultimate Goal of the CFY Advantage Plan

Vital to the success of your vacation rental is keeping your property in the best condition to receive guests regularly and provide positive experiences. After all, damage control for negative reviews isn’t pretty. Certainly, you can’t prevent every issue possible from popping up when a guest is staying at your property, but you can make every effort — with the CFY Advantage Plan — to reduce the chances. By keeping your property at peak performance, you encourage positive reviews, foster repeat guests, drive more bookings, and increase your overall net profit — our ultimate goal!

What Does the Plan Cover?

We’re so glad you asked! Without further adieu, let’s jump straight into the nitty-gritty of what the CFY Advantage Plan covers.

Monthly indoor and outdoor basic pest control
Keeping pests at bay helps protect your property from unexpected damages and gives guests a comfortable place to stay.

Bedbug treatment and prevention with biannual K-9 inspections
Remaining proactive against bedbugs greatly lessens the risk of an infestation that could negatively affect guests and staff.

100% loss of rental income for any refunds given for bedbug issues!
Losing money due to bedbugs is no if they persist despite preventive measures, we will happily assist to make sure you don’t suffer any losses.

Installation of a smart, data linked keypad lock — with a cellular gateway for remote management — on the front door
Providing keyless entry means guests can drive straight to your rental without the inconvenience of stopping by an office. Plus, knowing who is staying at your property, when they are there, and for how long they’re visiting via smart data can help put your mind at ease.

Basic maintenance supplies (light bulbs, HVAC filters, hot tub chemicals, batteries, dart tips, game table pieces, etc.)
Ensuring your rental has basic necessities makes guests feel right at home and means you don’t have to worry about the little things.

Does your vacation rental have a private indoor or outdoor pool? Bonus coverage is YOURS at no extra cost!

Installation of a smart, data linked keypad lock on the door to the pool room
Locking the pool room supports parental control so kids are unable to go for midnight swims and lessens the risk of liability lawsuits.

Professional pool inspections
Scheduling regular pool inspections helps find hidden issues we can correct to keep your swimming pool in top shape for your guests

Towel inventory for the pool area
Supplying pool towels is a nice courtesy for your guests and encourages them to dry off, helping protect your floors from water damage.

Pool service 2X weekly
Servicing your pool on a regular basis helps keep it healthy and safe for guests to swim, splash, and play throughout their stay.

Is the CFY Advantage Plan Really Affordable?

Short answer — YES! When you opt into the Cabins for YOU Advantage Plan for a low monthly fee, your vacation rental will receive enhanced care with zero effort on your part. Guests will appreciate a protected property in top condition, and you can look forward to an expected decrease in overall property expense. Our carefully thought-out plan focuses on mutual profitability by mitigating costs and concerns to help prevent and correct issues, foster repeat guests, and gain bookings (aka more revenue). In other words, your gain with the CFY Advantage Plan far outweighs the small monthly cost.

Listen, our CEOs are vacation rental owners too, so we can assure you we’ve done the proper research and cost-versus-benefit analysis to come up with a competitive pricing grid we’re proud to offer our partnered owners. The current program pricing is structured based on bedroom count, and with the money you’ll save by working to prevent issues and $1,000s more you’ll earn by creating a comfortable and desirable space guests will pay to return to, the CFY Advantage Plan is affordable indeed! Perhaps the better question is if you can afford not to join?

Marketing Advantage Program

There’s MORE?! Oh yeah, we love coming up with multiple ways to take our owners even further in the vacation rental world. Along with the CFY Advantage Plan, consider opting for our Marketing Advantage Program that offers ways to increase online exposure for your properties in order to secure more bookings and funnel more cash to YOU.

In addition to advertising advantages already provided when you become a partner with Cabins for YOU, the Marketing Advantage Program features specially tailored add-ons designed and proven to give your property a BIG boost!

Matterport 3D tour
Giving potential guests the opportunity to virtually walk through your vacation rental greatly increases their motivation to book.

Supplemental pictures
Adding to your top-notch cabin photos with specialty pictures you have in mind helps your property stand out on a crowded listing page.

Drone shots
Sharing stunning drone photos of the sensational views and architectural prowess of your rental beckons guests to stay.

Listing with channel partners
Providing more exposure with our channel partners like VRBO and Airbnb gets more eyes on your vacation rental instantly.

Affordable pricing for this program is structured based on bedroom count and varies by the features you choose to add. Not to mention, we offer bundle pricing with savings if you want all 4 marketing advantages!