5 Ways Cabins for YOU Maximizes Guest Loyalty

Maximize Guest Loyalty

What is guest loyalty? Simply put — it’s what you get when you create an environment that strongly appeals to guests and keeps them coming back for more. In other words, the way you conduct business with your vacation rentals determines the guest experience, which can either ensure or destroy guest loyalty. At Cabins for YOU, we are determined to cultivate as many repeat guests as possible by earning their trust and keeping it. How do we maximize vacation rental guest loyalty? There are 5 primary ways we build relationships with our guests.

  1. Prioritize Customer Service

    You won’t get anywhere in the vacation rental world without good old-fashioned customer service. It’s where the conversation starts, and first impressions must go off without a hitch. Whether guests are calling in, emailing, messaging, or posting, it’s important to provide customer support that counts. We ensure our guests are well taken care of from browsing to departure and beyond. After all, great customer service in any realm fosters customer loyalty.

    Our call center is chock full of positive attitudes, happy smiles, and caring voices. Whenever a phone rings, our vacation specialists are on the case, greeting, guiding, and aiding guests throughout the booking process. We even have a sector — Guest Relations — completely devoted to helping guests during and after their stay, tackling any issues that may occur along the way.

    With online inquiries and bookings on the rise, we intend to stay ahead of the game by providing a website that’s convenient and easy to use, so our guests can browse, book, and ask questions without a hassle. It’s also our priority to communicate in a helpful and timely fashion on social media platforms to encourage reservations, monitor feedback, and lend an ear to guest opinions.

  2. Send Guest Surveys

    Many guests are eager to share their vacation experience after their stay, and Cabins for YOU makes this not only possible but also simple with a short post-stay survey online. It gives guests a chance to be heard and shows we value what they have to say, whether they desire to give us praise or vent their disappointment. The most important part — we listen.

    Our current survey follows up on the full experience during their stay as well as their likelihood to recommend the property stayed in and our services. Additionally, it offers plenty of comment space to detail anything they feel we should know more about, good or bad. And as with any long-lasting relationship, communication is key.

    CFY makes an effort to respond to pertinent feedback when appropriate because we genuinely care. Communication is a two-way street, and we intend to honor our part in the conversation. When guest stays are stellar and happy, we take note and encourage them to stay again. And when guests are quite unhappy, we do our best to rectify what we can to regain their trust.

  3. Promote Positive Reviews

    Ever enjoyed a great meal or shopping experience and been asked to leave a review? Promoting positive reviews is simply reminding guests they have the opportunity to leave honest feedback for future guests to make better informed decisions. Now how many times would you have left a review if you hadn’t been asked in the first place? Oftentimes people simply forget to leave reviews, even when they mean to sincerely. So, a friendly reminder is helpful for both parties.

    Fresh guest feedback is super important to potential guests. Think about it. Can you remember the last time you didn’t look at recent reviews before committing to a product, accommodation, or service? Yeah, it’s just part of the buying process now. And guests reading reviews from 2-3 years ago don’t exactly inspire booking confirmations today. CFY stays on top of review requests so guests can see current feedback and feel more secure when they click”book now.”

    At the end of the day, asking guests who had a wonderful time at your vacation rental to write a testimonial is the best way to up the positivity. After all, no one promotes your properties better than your guests. Plus, research shows that written reviews can impact around 93% of purchasing decisions— and that includes clicking “book now.”

  4. Review Guest Feedback

    While it’s dreamy to hang out in the cozy positive reviews, it’s equally (if not more) crucial to direct focus on any negative guest experiences. Cabins for YOU takes a look at the whole picture, including the good, the bad…and the ugly. Honest feedback is a powerful and valuable tool, and as a professional vacation rental management company, we take it very seriously.

    Even with regularly scheduled property inspections, guests have vital insight we might miss. We want to listen and do so with gratitude. And while we attend training seminars, implement self studies, and appreciate expert opinions, it’s still the guests’ experience and opinions that hold weight. They highlight what’s on point and what needs work.

    Sending out surveys and speaking with guests about their stays isn’t just for show. We take that feedback and use it to benefit our business, owners, and guests. We review guest feedback internally — constantly. If we surpassed guest expectations (again), we applaud our staff. If there’s an issue at a property, we fix it. If policies need changing, we alter them. We’re not afraid of criticism. Indeed, we thrive off improving ourselves!

  5. Member Benefits

    The vacation rental market is competitive, and a top way to stand out among other competing companies is by providing a loyalty program. Just as you love bonus goodies and racking up points for prizes at shops and online stores, guests love earning rewards for future stays. Our CFY Membership Program is a loyalty program unlike any other in the Smokies, encouraging guest loyalty and repeat business to Cabins for YOU — and your properties.

Loyalty to Owners

While Cabins for YOU devotes time and energy to retaining repeat guests, we’re extra loyal to our owners! We keep YOU involved as much or as little as you like, focus on promoting and maintaining your beautiful properties, and ask for little in return. When you join CFY, you become part of our family. We let you into our close-knit circle, and you get the benefits — including maximized guest loyalty. With our ace customer service, sincere follow-up surveys, positive review promotion, honest use of guest feedback, and an alluring membership program, we’re confident you’ll have more repeat guests than ever!

Any questions? We’re here to help with personal owner representatives who can be reached by phone (1.800.684.7865) or via an online inquiry.