What Does the Vacation Property Management Commission Cover?

What do seasoned and inexperienced rental property owners have in common? Besides being fully dedicated to providing a memorable guest experience at clean and comfortable rentals, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to remain curious about property management companies…and skeptical about sharing commission. After all, it’s your home, so it may feel a bit odd letting some of that revenue go to someone else. However, when you choose a top-tier property management company to look after your home, the multitude of benefits far outweighs the costs. 

With leading property management companies like Cabins for YOU, you get much more than home and guest care. With a dedicated team working to keep your revenue flowing year-round, local industry expertise, and a personal owner representative plus an online portal to keep you in the loop, vacation rental success is assured — and you don’t even have to lift a finger! Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Transparency is our middle name, and we’re happy to break down what our commission covers in detail to curb your concerns and provide peace of mind. We’re an open book, here to answer any questions you may have so you can choose the best property management company for YOU. 

Why Choose a Rental Property Manager?
Key benefits come to mind when considering a rental property manager, including saving your valuable time and generating maximum revenue with minimal effort. Now, that sounds great (and believe us, it is), but these results can only come from trustworthy professionals in the vacation rental industry. Don’t just toss the work onto someone who’s in the business; make sure they’re vacation rental professionals who know the business. And with the right vacation rental manager, your rental property(ies) can become a goldmine.

Why Should a Rental Homeowner Share Commission?
There’s only one tradeoff when partnering with a rental management company — sharing commission. And that can be a little scary at first, especially if you’ve been able to keep every dime earned since day one without help. But what if that help doubled or even tripled your profits? In exchange for a small percentage, your rental working days could be over — with steady paychecks pouring in even more than before. 

Sure, you could put in the extra effort to make more on your own, at a cost. OR, you can let the pros do what they do best for your benefit so you don’t have to take away from your current business or family time, wake up super early just to clean, answer calls at night, or spend countless hours researching the latest marketing trends. Time and time again we hear from property owners who express to us that the commission they’re being charged for professional property management is well worth it to get rid of the daily hassles of running their properties, wave goodbye to rental management stress, and start enjoying their investment. 

What the Cabins for YOU Commission Covers

Guest Care
At Cabins for YOU, we care about each and every one of your guests. Be it planning a honeymoon, family reunion, birthday trip, annual couple’s getaway, spring break with friends, or holiday retreat, we’re here to help with local knowledge and caring representatives.

Full Service Call Center 
From the first call or click to booking your properties to arrivals, departures, and post-stay surveys, our Vacation Specialists and Guest Relations teams are ready to serve your guests anytime, answering questions with in-depth knowledge and aiding situations as necessary in a timely manner. In addition to inbound call efforts, we also actively reach out to past, current, and prospective guests to ensure properties are booked, stays run smoothly, and repeat guests return.

Stay Cycle Communication
What is a stay cycle? Simply put: it’s the process a booked guest enters and travels through from pre-arrival to post-departure. They need to know what to expect prior to arriving, how to best enjoy their stay when at your property, anything pertinent to leaving the property, and further assistance after they return home. We take care of it all — emails, texts, and calls — from questions on what to pack and how to turn on the fireplace to feedback on the property and curiosity on future deals.

Creative Marketing Team
Our Marketing team deploys state-of-the-art, industry-leading tools and strategies to give your property(ies) a serious boost in online presence through targeted emails to a large guest database, PPCs (pay-per-clicks), staff writers educated in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a graphic designer, developers, a rate analyst, and channel partner management (OTAs — online travel agencies). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Dynamic Pricing
While setting a flat rate season to season may seem like a great (and easy) idea, it certainly has its limits, especially on revenue. At Cabins for YOU, we implement dynamic pricing, proven to produce more profit than other pricing models with steady research to help monitor the market and individual property analysis to determine the most lucrative price. Who said the best method would be the easiest? Just leave it to us…the more you make, the more we do (the truth doesn’t always hurt)!

Dedicated Owner Relations Account and Property Managers  
It’s important to have reliable communication with your rental property management company, which is why we assign a dedicated owner agent to each owner. Speaking with someone new every time you call isn’t ideal. At Cabins for YOU, you’re able to communicate with someone who knows you and your property! 

Keyless Entry
When you join Cabins for YOU, your properties will be outfitted with modern and data-linked keyless entry that allows your guests to skip the office visit. All they’ll need is a unique key code (generated for each new stay) sent straight to their email. Plus, you won’t have to keep up with the keys!

Online Owner Portal
Whenever you need to check on your property or just want to pop in to see how the latest stay went, simply log into your owner portal on our property management software. Whether you’d prefer to keep hands off and just collect a paycheck or be fully informed, the power is in your hands. 

Laundry Facility
No more collecting linens and tossing them in the washer and dryer! Our laundry facility features commercial grade equipment and a full staff to keep on top of laundering bedding, curtains (seasonally/as needed), and towels so your linens are always fresh for guests.

Maintenance Technicians
From preventive measures to emergency care 24/7, our professional team of maintenance technicians are there for you, your guests, and your properties. They ensure your rentals receive the best care so your guests can enjoy comfortable and relaxing stays with full assurance. 

Property Inspectors
Our in-house property inspectors are trained to see the smallest details to make sure your properties are staying up to par. With regular inspections doting the love and care your properties deserve, your guests will arrive to the getaway home they’ve been looking forward to with working features and clean spaces. 

With over 4 generations of experience and proven success since 2001, Cabins for YOU has:

  • Over 30 years vacation property management experience!
  • Fundamental and sound financial beliefs – we have NO DEBT!
  • A professionally trained and experienced staff at all levels!
  • Plus so very much more!

There you have it — what our commission covers and how it benefits you, your property, and your guests! Any questions? Feel free to give us a call at 1.800.684.7865 and when prompted, press 5 to be connected with our Business Development Director.