Gatlinburg Screenfest 2010


Gatlinburg Screenfest will be held from March 26-28 this year. The film festival made it’s debut last year and is returning again this year to put on a show to top last year. The event is open to any person who wants to see the shows. So if you enjoy movies then be sure you’re in town for Screenfest.

The Screenfest event will start on Friday night at the Duck Blind Lounge at 6pm. Some of the movies from this year will be played that night. Saturday will be a busy day with plenty for you to enjoy. All day you will be able to catch some of the independent films from this year playing. The winners from last year will have their movies playing for you to view that morning. Watching the movies from last year will be free but donations are requested to benefit the American Red Cross. Starting at 5:30pm a workshop for anyone who is interested in being in the film industry will take place. Hang around on Sunday to see who wins which awards during the Awards Ceremony.

Come out and enjoy the movies during Gatlinburg Screenfest. Some of the movie titles that will be playing from this year are The Suffering, A Little Christmas, #1, The Ground Beneath Us, and several others that you might enjoy. Lengths of each movie vary but one thing is for certain, you will want to come back again next year.