Take the Plunge with Skydiving in the Smoky Mountains

Hiking, whitewater rafting, spelunking, ATV touring, ziplining; you think you have explored and conquered the incredible terrain of the Smoky Mountains? Soar thousands of feet above the mountains and experience the Smokies through flight! Skydiving is one of those “bucket list” activities or an exciting adventure to share with a group.

During your couple’s retreat to the Smokies in one of Cabins for YOU’s gorgeous large cabins, balance your days of relaxation and rejuvenation with adrenaline-pumping thrills! Looking for an over-the-top way to propose? Surprise your love with a romantic trip to a Gatlinburg cabin plan a skydiving trip for them, and be ready and kneeling on one knee when they land! -Experience the ultimate in adventure and relaxation when you stay in a Cabins for YOU cabin and try skydiving in the Smoky Mountains!

Imagine the clouds that were once floating overhead and crawling over the mountains becoming eye level, and then moving below you, as you look out the airplane window. The heart-stopping views are incredible, but the thumping in your chest kicks up as your instructors with Skydive East Tennessee ask if you are ready to take the plunge…

Whether you are seasoned diver or finally crossing it off your bucket list, skydiving in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains is an incredible way to not only indulge your thrill-seeking soul, but also see the beauty of east Tennessee in all her glory with sweeping views of the landscapes. Once your tandem-jump guide releases your parachute, floating to the ground is a 4-5 minute one-of-kind experience with heart-stopping views of the Smoky Mountains – the perfect comedown after jumping out of a plane!

About Skydive East Tennessee

In operation since May 2009, Skydive East Tennessee offers an experienced and friendly staff that makes the experience a smooth, fun, and safe jump! Great for first-time jumpers and groups, Skydive East Tennessee employs a large staff of licensed professionals in order to efficiently serve and educate visitors. The facilities provide clean, well-kept training rooms, spectator areas, video screens to watch video of your dive, and restrooms. Multiple planes make accommodating large groups smoother and a great way to celebrate big events!


Tandem Skydive
Tandem jumps are just as exciting as solo jumps! For first time flyers, tandem skydiving is an excellent way to get your feet off the ground, especially since skydiving is such an extreme sport. The staff at Skydive East Tennessee are not only well-qualified, but they are all about giving you the best experience of your life. Friendly and accommodating, it will feel like you have a new friend strapped to your back!  

The jump itself is 40-50 seconds of free falling at almost 120 mph before your instructor releases your parachute. The float back to the earth is equally as exciting as you gaze across miles and miles of rolling mountains and gorgeous horizons.

For an additional price, a videographer can join your flight and document every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure! After your jump is complete, the videographer edits your mini-movie to music and delivers it to you before you leave the facility that day!

First Jump Course
At the only US Parachute Association accredited training center in eastern Tennessee, first time jumpers will be put at much more ease after the informational First Jump Course! Although not required of tandem jumpers, this course is a great way to work towards solo jumping.

Accelerated Free Fall Training
The 8-category AFF training is taught by licensed instructors and serves as a path to being US Parachute Association certified! You will learn introductory subjects such as “Body Position Awareness” and “Unassisted Exit” as you make your way towards flying solo! The price of each category includes the class, the jump, and equipment rental. Visit Learn To Skydive on Skydive East Tennessee’s website for full details!

Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge

Jumping out of the plane, even strapped to a seasoned instructor, may feel like you are skipping a few steps (heights are not always everyone’s favorite). Don’t worry! Your group can still enjoy the simulation of flying without ever leaving the ground, in a plane that is. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is an excellent precursor to plunging out of a plane as they teach a lot of the same topics in safety and body control. Not to mention, you’re flying! At Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge, your air surfing takes place in a large vertical wind tunnel as you and other members of your group take turns taking off from the trampoline-like center.

Rainy afternoons can’t damper any of your fun at Flyaway! Indoor skydiving is also great activity to encourage team bonding while in town for a tournament at Rocky Top Sports World! If you are traveling with the family, unlike real skydiving, Flyaway allows body surfers to be under the age of 18 as long as they are at least 40 pounds.

So what are you waiting for? Get your biggest adventure yet, set in motion by calling either Skydive East Tennessee or Flyaway Indoor Skydiving!

Other Adrenaline-Inducing, Fun Outdoor Activities

Your version of fun might include having some connection to the ground beneath your feet. The Great Smoky Mountains are not only incredibly gorgeous to hike through, but they also offer numerous reputable outdoor adventure companies that are worth exploring the Smokies with! Below are a few of our favorite activities and companies to provide everything from equipment to training to have the most awesome Smoky Mountain vacation, ever!

Hiking… With Llamas!
Unbelievably friendly and almost too cute to handle, your professional tour guide and pack animal friend from Smoky Mountain Llama Treks is soon to be your favorite hiking buddy!  Well-trained and accustomed to the terrain and human friends, the llamas at SMLT are led by you and carry your pack as you hike the trails of your chosen tour. Feed, cuddle, and take pictures with your hiking buddies as you explore the Smoky Mountain forestry and come upon breathtaking views. Then stop for a picnic in a dreamy field or walk across the Bridge to Prosperity. Check out more information about hiking with llamas, here!

Take on the Rapids!
Glorious views and exciting adventures await on the Class III and IV rapids of the Pigeon River! Whitewater rafting with Rafting in the Smokies promises an exhilarating ride through pristine forestry, majestic mountains overlooking the river, and memories you will cherish for years. Paddle with your friends during a bachelor weekend getaway or watch your youth group excitedly board their boats during a church retreat! Rafting in the Smokies also offers zipline packages to have the most adventurous day in the Smokies.

Inflatable kayaking is another thrilling way to fare the rapids of the Pigeon River! Your experienced guide with Smoky Mountain Outdoor Adventures will provide paddling advice and even teach you how to surf and spin, sliding on the white waves. Inflatable kayaks are a great way to get started with kayaking thanks to their enhanced stability and comfort!

Learn how to prepare for your adventure on the Pigeon River rapids before leaving your Cabins for YOU lodge with our helpful page on whitewater rafting!

After the Adventures…

Once you have come down from all your adrenaline-pumping expeditions, whether it’s skydiving, exploring with llamas, or riding the rapids, you want the best in peaceful relaxation to get rejuvenated.

Relax in a hot tub with serene mountain views, quietly sway on a porch swing with a glass of sweet tea, or watch movies with a romantic fire burning in the stone fireplace. Cabins for YOU not only offers the best in relaxation, but also tons of options to fit your dream Smoky Mountain vacation!

Let us help you create that dream today with Options For YOU, our online tool that searches our cabin listings using your wants and needs to find the perfect Smoky Mountain cabin for you!