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Need A Hiking Friend? Try A Llama.

A hike in the Smoky Mountains offers breathtaking views and amazing memories, but what if you didn't do the trip alone? What if you added some furry friends in the mix? Smoky Mountain Llama Treks offers you the unique opportunity to take your hike with your very own Llama. Many people have never encountered a Llama so they don't know what to think about the opportunity to hike with one, but don't worry it's a great experience. Before you start imaging riding a Llama let us warn you, these Llamas aren't meant for you to ride, they actually serve as your companion and haul all food, gear, and supplies for you.

The great thing about Smoky Mountain Llama Treks is that their Llamas are very well cared for and offer a fluffy companion for your hike in the Smokies.

A Little Bit About the Llama's:

  1. They will not spit at you - EVER!

  2. They do not bite.

  3. They do not kick

  4. They do not smell.

  5. They aren't dirty.

  6. They are easy to lead. They follow you, walk with you willingly, and stop when you stop.

The trails for a Llama trek are rated from easy to moderate. Hikers have many options for trips including the following: 2 hour trek, 6 hour trek, fire tower trek, and a two day overnight trek. Included in all day treks are a gourmet lunch, water, and beverages. Can you imagine it? A beautiful trail in the Smokies, no gear to carry, a fluffy friends to accompany you, it sounds great. It is great!

All guides with Smoky Mountain Llama Treks are CPR and emergency first aid trained by the American Red Cross so that you are ensured optimal safety. They know the terrain and they know hiking, so not only do you get a great hike but you get the expertise that comes with a professional guide walking along side you. If you're an animal lover and a hiking enthusiast then you'll enjoy this adventure.

Pricing for various services and packages starts at $20 per person.

To find out more information visit or call at 865-428-6042.