Crave Golf Club + Mini Golf in the Smokies

Considered a classic pastime of the Smokies, miniature golf can be found around every corner in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. From an African safari and a traveling circus to a hillbilly haven and a fantasy world, each course is uniquely themed and full of surprises! But there’s one course in Pigeon Forge that’s extra sweet, featuring indoor and rooftop courses, a milkshake bar, candy store, and ice cream parlor, plus mini bowling. Putt-putt with family and friends, try all the sweet things, bowl your best mini roll, and host crazy fun parties at Crave Golf Club — voted Pigeon Forge’s Best Mini Golf 2018 and placed in Travel Channel’s Top 13 Best Mini Golf Courses Across the Country!

Indoor & Rooftop Mini-Golf Courses

Step inside a modern 18,500-square-foot Candyland and play the 19-hole indoor miniature golf course, featuring giant gummy bears, lively ice cream cones, dreamy cakes stacked to the sky, a massive gingerbread house, and animal cracker critters. Climb over Cocoa Cliffs, travel through Ice Cream Canyon, and take on the Sugar Safari!

After beating the indoor course, head outdoors and putt-putt on top of the world…or at least the roof at Crave Golf Club. Find a ginormous gumball machine, larger-than-life pixie sticks, a candy chew-chew train (get it?), lollipop forests, and more along this 2-tiered, 19-hole course. Stroll through Bubblegum Garden, swing your way out of the Jellybean Jungle (avoid the Crave-men at all costs!), and conquer Rocky Candy Mountain!

Both the indoor and rooftop courses are also handicap accessible, giving everyone a chance to putt-putt to victory!

Spin Zone Tables
Not only does Crave Golf Club offer traditional mini-golf fun, but it also provides a way to take things up a notch. Along the confectionary courses, you’ll find game spinners, which are nifty tools to help liven up the game. In other words, they put a new spin (pun intended) on mini golf!

Located at the starting point for each hole, the Spin Zone tables have images of candies and ice creams plus mini challenges. If you land on a sweet, mark it on your game card. Collect 19 candies or ice creams, and you’ll win a prize at the concessions counter! If you land on a challenge, face it head on — putt with one hand, stand on one leg, or twirl around before you swing! Who knows what the spinner will request next?!

Mini Bowling

We’ve all heard of miniature golf…but have you ever heard of miniature bowling? Yep, it’s a real thing — and it’s adorable! Not to mention, it’s super fun. Venture to the leisurely lounge at Crave Golf Club and toss mini bowling balls down the 4 mini lanes and knock down the mini pins like a pro. Best part? No mini bowling shoes required! Keep your shoes to yourself and play fast-paced rounds at the mini bowling alley.

Sweet Extras!

With so many candy-inspired characters and contraptions around the mini-golf courses, your sweet tooth will be craving sugary delights after your very first swing. Crave Golf Club understands…after all, it’s in their name, which is why you’ll find a gourmet milkshake bar, candy store, and ice cream parlor!

Gourmet Milkshake Bar
After traveling through the candy-filled courses, taste them for yourself with Crave Golf Club’s signature milkshakes!

  • Cocoa Cliffs | chocolate ice cream + chocolate shot + cocoa puffs
  • Ice Cream Canyon | vanilla and chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream + dulce de leche shot +
  • Sugar Safari | vanilla and super rainbow ice cream + toasted marshmallow and pomegranate shots + animal crackers
  • Bubblegum Garden | super rainbow and strawberry ice cream + pomegranate and cotton candy shots + bubble gum
  • Jellybean Jungle | vanilla and super rainbow ice cream + orange, raspberry, and pomegranate shots + jelly beans
  • Rock Candy Mountain | vanilla ice cream + cherry, orange, raspberry, and grape shots

Crave Sweet Shop
Playing at Crave Golf Club means leaving with candy on the brain, so don’t return to your Pigeon Forge cabin rental empty handed. Stop by the Crave Sweet Shop instead! From huge boxes of Nerds and a Jelly Belly wall to 4-foot pixie sticks and over-sized chocolate bars, you’re sure to curb your sweet tooth in a jiffy! You can even pay by the pound, loading endless bags with mountains of all kinds of candy. Fair warning: take it slow…

Parties + Group Rates

Woohoo — it’s party time! Book your next birthday bash at Crave Golf Club! Each party reservation includes a dedicated member of staff to handle the nitty-gritty, printable party invites, 1 hour in the party zone (room for 10 guests plus the birthday person), 3 large pizzas and 11 bottled soft drinks (with plates, napkins, cups, and tablecloths), and a scrumptious milkshake for the birthday person. The party will also be set up beforehand and cleaned afterwards by the staff — hassle-free for you!

Interested in bringing a large group from church, school, or work? Or perhaps you’re in the market to host a private event. From youth group outings and overnight lock-ins to weddings and team-building excursions, Crave Golf Club is ready to serve! Create your desired event by choosing the number of courses and food package. Group rates start at 15 guests, and there’s available seating for up to 175 people. Unsure where to begin? Give Crave a call at 1.865.366.3403, and they’ll happily lend you a helping hand.

Mini-Golf Game Rules + Regulations

Just what you’ve been waiting for — the rules and regulations! Okay, maybe we’re getting a little too excited for the details…but we can certainly all agree they’re helpful and important.

  1. Up to 6 people may play in a group.
  2. Each player is allowed up to 6 strokes per hole.
  3. If your ball lands out of bounds or in a trap, replace the ball at the point of exit with a penalty of 1 stroke.
  4. If your ball gets stuck, move it 1 clubhead length, then swing!
  5. After each player swings their first shot, the ball nearest the hole putts next, and so on until everyone has cleared the hole.
  6. Don’t skip ahead — wait patiently and cheer on your buddies.

Now for a few in-house regulations: don’t swing above the knee, don’t bring alcohol, and please pay attention to the ground as there is uneven terrain. If you’re swinging in the rain, expect a rain check (how fitting) as there are no cash refunds. Most importantly, don’t play to win — play for fun! Though, winning is pretty fun…

Crave Golf Club
2925 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Multiplicity of Mini Golf in the Smoky Mountains

After defeating the candy courses at Crave Golf Club, venture around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg for additional mini-golf challenges — they’re everywhere! Here’s a mini (we couldn’t resist) list to get you started:

  • Safari Golf at The Track Pigeon Forge
  • Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf
  • Blindshot Barnaby’s Circus Golf
  • Ripley’s Old MacDonald’s Farm Mini-Golf
  • Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini-Golf
  • Hillbilly Golf

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