Blake Shelton’s NEW Restaurant in Gatlinburg!

Known for drawing famed celebrities to the area, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, welcomes yet another talented star, Grand Ole Opry winner, and coach from The Voice, Blake Shelton! When seeking a great location for his 3rd restaurant, there was no doubt Gatlinburg would be the place. With country roots, Southern charm, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park next door, Gatlinburg was an obvious choice to host the next Ole Red. And with Dolly Parton’s blessing, Blake intends to take the Smokies by storm, luring even more visitors to the area with a hopping restaurant attraction featuring live music, Southern cuisine, and a 2-story bar! Partnering with Ryman Hospitality Properties, Blake has big plans for his 3rd restaurant — set to open spring 2019 in Gatlinburg.

Ole Red Gatlinburg

Aside from the backing of Blake Shelton’s name, will this place just be another restaurant in town? We’re glad you asked. Inspired by Blake’s renowned hit from 2002, Ole Red Gatlinburg will be a place of excitement and fun every night! This won’t be an ordinary restaurant serving up plain dishes in regular seats with speakers blaring everyday radio beats. No, this place will feel fresh and alive with a 2-story bar, an outside terrace, an epic dance floor, and a powerful performance space, where live events and happening tunes will be played and enjoyed night after night! In fact, Blake hopes to bring a “late-night-party fun atmosphere to Gatlinburg.” They’re even planning to add a retail space for souvenirs, so you can grab a memento before heading home or back to the cabin. As the 3rd establishment in the Ole Red chain (with the 1st in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, and the 2nd in Nashville, Tennessee), Ole Red Gatlinburg is pulling out all the stops — and all the bells and whistles to boot!

The Perfect Location
Blending modern vibes with classic country culture, Ole Red Gatlinburg aims to please with a happening scene and mouth-watering cuisine! While the State of Tennessee has been historically established as the land of country music, Gatlinburg not only boasts country roots but also presents a grand location next to the most visited national park in the nation. Plus, there are tons of area attractions, unique boutiques, and outdoor activities in town, making it the perfect place to open a new restaurant where friends and family can gather for good times with great music and finger-licking grub.

As a $9-million-dollar investment, Ole Red Gatlinburg clocks in at 16,000 square feet of multi-level fun at its prime location near Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies at 511 Parkway (previously the Riverbend Mall). In addition to providing approximately 150 jobs to the good people of Gatlinburg, this must-see, must-eat venue plans to wow the city as a brand-new entertaining attraction for tourists and locals alike. So, come one, come all to Ole Red Gatlinburg next spring in 2019!

On the Menu
Live music and dancing sounds great and all, but what’s on the menu? Since the restaurant is currently underway, most of the menu is still being decided. Though, Blake has explicitly stated his desire for a creamy queso dip to be added as an appetizer or perhaps he meant a main course… And while this may not come as a shock to you, we can say with certainty that Ole Red Gatlinburg will be serving up Southern-style dishes, from hot chicken and waffles to tender barbecue to juicy burgers fresh off the grill! One thing’s for sure: no matter what’s served, if it’s anything like the other Ole Reds, we’re in for a country-cooking treat!

Dolly Parton’s Support
After establishing her name through mountain music, amusement parks, and dinner attractions in Pigeon Forge, the neighboring city and close friend to Gatlinburg, Dolly Parton has officially given her blessing to Blake Shelton. Filled with curiosity and excitement for his new restaurant attraction, Dolly is eager to see what Blake has in store for the venue. And we are, too! With so many area attractions, there’s a lot of competition, but with the undeniable success of his well-established restaurants in Tishomingo and Nashville, we have a good feeling about Ole Red Gatlinburg.

Blake Shelton’s Passion
With some celebrities giving way and letting others spearhead their ideas for books, shops, items, and even restaurants, many may wonder if Blake Shelton really has a hand in the Ole Red process. Is he just a name to funnel the project, or is he in it for the long hall? We’ll let you be the judge after hearing what the man himself had to say in a press release on March 21, 2018:

Gatlinburg is one of my all-time favorite places. This part of the country is full of people who love good food, great music, family, and most importantly, a good time. That’s what Ole Red is all about, and I can’t wait to give my fans another place to have fun in Gatlinburg.

We couldn’t agree more, Blake. Welcome to Gatlinburg!

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