Plan Your 2019 Spring Break in the Smokies — Today!

Before it’s too late, take a little time to make plans for spring break! Give you 3 guesses where the majority of spring breakers will be heading this year, but you’ll only need 1… So, why not change things up a bit in 2019? After all, you have a limited amount of spring breaks in your life, and frankly, it can be quite boring to visit the same place year after year. Avoid crowded beaches, featuring limited real estate, noisy chatter overpowering the waves, and high risk for sunburn. Instead, head to the Great Smoky Mountains — where local attractions are aplenty, bluegrass beats fill the air, and early wildflower blooms dot the most-visited national park in the country! Continue reading

Christmas in the Smokies: Pigeon Forge Winterfest & Beyond

Fighting for time among all the work parties, school plays, and church events in the first few weeks of December can make the “most wonderful time of year” somewhat of a stressful nightmare before Christmas. Plan an early holiday gathering with friends in November, a peaceful getaway with a special someone during January after exposing yourselves to one another’s crazy families, or bring the whole crazy family to a large group lodging for an incredibly special holiday gathering this year!

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The 25 Days of Christmas in the Smokies

Christmas is rapidly approaching! Don’t get caught in Late November and December scrambling to put together a family gathering, planning family outings with the kids, or rounding up your friends to exchange gifts. Make Christmas extra special this year with a fun and relaxing cabin in Pigeon Forge, where you will be hard-pressed to avoid the holiday spirit while surrounded by millions of lights, gorgeous snow-capped mountains, and great ways to celebrate the most wonderful time of year with Smoky Mountain flair!

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Stay Inside & Drink Hot Chocolate this Winter? Do THIS Instead!

Brrr! It’s freezing outside, so naturally, we take to the great indoors, where heaters keep us cozy, cocoa brings a smile, and TV provides entertainment. Then we do it all over again the next day, and the next, and the next…woohoo. How about changing it up this frosty season? Challenge winter head on and take your vacation plans up a notch with outdoor winter activities in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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12 Days of Christmas in Gatlinburg: Reasons We Love the Smokies

Immeasurable beauty, fantastic wildlife, endless attractions, delicious cuisine, cozy cabins…it’s easy to see why we love the Smokies but hard to limit those reasons to only 12. However, in the spirit of Christmas and for the sake of a holiday classic, we’ve done just that. Get ready to discover why the Smoky Mountains is a great vacation destination for all ages and spin a new twist on “The Twelve Days of Christmas” while we’re at it!

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Autumn Moon Drive-In Theater

Remember the good ole days when you could pull up to an outdoor movie screen on starry evenings and enjoy a film with friends and family in the comfort of your own car? Or…recall that scene from Grease when Danny sings his sorrows for Sandy as fast food parades in the background? If any of this is ringing a memory-filled bell, you’re in for a real treat! Planning to make a comeback in 2019 (possibly early 2020) to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, this classic pastime is returning with a modern twist… Instead of waiting for the perfect evening to watch a show outdoors, park your car and head inside the 7-story dome at the Autumn Moon Drive-In Theater. Vintage vehicles, picnic blankets, and tree-house seating await for a fun viewing of a blockbuster hit on the largest non-Imax movie screen on the continent — all in a domed theater with real trees and projected skies! Continue reading

Gatlinburg Attractions: Unique in the Smokies

Itching to leave your Smoky Mountain cabin for a little while? Explore the many entertaining Gatlinburg attractions and paint the town red while you’re at it! Whether you’re looking for a bit of excitement or a hefty serving of relaxation, downtown Gatlinburg has something for everyone. Sure, you could visit typical area attractions like the aquarium, miniature golf, or ziplining (and we’d fully support you). But…wouldn’t it be great to experience something extra special on your getaway and return home with spellbinding stories? Family and friends will line up to hear about your trip to the Smokies when you toss a few unique Gatlinburg attractions into the mix — and we’ve got a great list to get you started!

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7 Proposal-perfect Spots in the Smokies

Planning to propose to the love of your life but not sure where or how? Let the natural romance of the Great Smoky Mountains be your guide. When you get down on one knee, you should feel confident, content, and eager to hear “yes.” Worrying about the atmosphere, background, or environment won’t help, which is why you should choose a location that takes care of it all — a memorable and beautiful place your soulmate will never forget. And that’s what you’ll find in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Check out our carefully compiled list of 7 proposal-perfect spots in the Smokies, from the mountaintops to a cascading waterfall to under the sea! Continue reading

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