The Clock Peddler in Gatlinburg

If you are a conesuire of clocks or simply admire beautiful, one of a kind pieces, you will enjoy perusing The Clock Peddler. As many times as I have been to Gatlinburg I have never been in there, mainly because I never dreamed they would have anything in my price range. Boy was I missing out!

The walls of The Clock Peddler are lined with beautiful unique time pieces. One piece I imagined in a room void of everything but itself was a large wall clock that looked as though it had escaped Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Time.

I have a very fond childhood memory involving my Grandmother holding me up to her cuckoo clock when it was time for it to cuckoo and the bird would come out. I loved that clock. When I saw the large selection of cuckoo clocks The Clock Peddler has, I was delighted. Each piece is so intricately carved and subtly unique. The owner was kind enough to round the big hand that I might see each clock at work. These are genuine German time pieces, and each cuckoo is straight from Germany with a two year warranty on the cuckoo alone!

Along the back and through the middle of the store, sits every style of grandfather clock imaginable. There was one that looked like most grandfather clocks I’ve seen in people’s houses; but there were several that were pleasantly unique. I particularly liked the elegant simplicity and uniqueness of a black grandfather clock with clean lines.

DISCOUNTS!!! Okay, had to throw that in before you check out assuming that the prices on these clocks are the same as other fine time pieces you have seen. They are not. The owner explained to me that The Clock Peddler is the number one grandfather clock retailer in the entire United States! As a result, they are able to offer deep discounts. He showed me several pieces that were discounted by as much as 50%. To make things better, they offer great layaway plans with no intrest, and they deliver your clock to you and set it up FREE OF CHARGE!

Time doesn’t get much better than this!

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