Ole Smoky Distillery

A new addition to Gatlinburg shops will open in early July 2010. The Old Smoky Distillery will be the first legal distillery in the state of Tennessee. The mountains of Tennessee already have a reputation for their moonshine and this new store will bring the tradition to you… legally, of course. If you visit the store while in Gatlinburg you’ll get to see the working still, take a tour and even taste some of the flavors (if you’re over age 21). It’s a piece of history for Tennessee and the owners plan to expand further.

Old Smoky Distillery in Gatlinburg TNThe owners are using corn from a local farmer and will be making the alcohol on site. They will be offering different flavors such as apple pie, corn whiskey, sweet tea and peach. Also, during the holiday season moonshine cherries will be available for purchase. The whole process is done at the store and can be viewed on tours of the facility. The beverage will be sold in mason jars just to stay like it has been done over the years and to keep tradition. The prices will be low and they will be open to the public starting on July 2, 2010. The plans are to expand the company to take the alcohol to retail stores in different locations. As of now, the Ole Smoky Distillery is one of four legally operated distilleries in the United States.

This store is welcomed to the Gatlinburg area and is sure to be a hit with tourists and locals alike. Since it is the first legal distillery in the state of Tennessee this Old Smoky Distillery will be considered a milestone in the history of the state. It opens on July 2, 2010 so be sure to stop by there while you’re in Gatlinburg TN.

Old Smoky Distillery

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