Gatlinburg’s Baskins Square Mall

If you are looking for all of the selections of a mall, without any of the same old cookie-cutter stores, you must visit Baskins Square Mall. You will find this cute little mall right in the heart of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It is located between traffic lights 6 & 7. Here, this treasure of specialty shops is like a haven from the busy going and coming of the parkway. These restaurants and shops are waiting to feed your longing for eclectic flare. Here are a few of the shops you will find here:

Little Sparrow Gallery: If you enjoy Native American creations, this is the shop for you. Little Sparrow Gallery carries authentic dream-catchers, hand-crafted moccasins, jewelry, knives, Native American history and books.

Old Tyme Portraits: Do not leave Gatlinburg without documenting your trip with and Old Tyme photograph. Old Tyme offers you a trip back in time, authentic period costumes, and a lot of laughs for your photo session. They offer Bar, Gangster, Formal, tub and many more scenes for your shoot. The professional staff will give you a choice of poses, frames, and mattes that will be available immediately.

The Funnel Cake Company: Should you get hungry while you are shopping, stop by the Funnel Cake Company for some sugary goodness. Practice makes perfect, and the sweet people at The Funnel Company have had more than two decades of practice.

Mountain Edge Grill: Let’s say you do some serious shopping and are looking for more than a funnel cake. No need to leave Baskins Mall! Promenade on over to Mountain Edge Grill for a filling meal. They have wonderful selection of hamburgers as well as salads, soups, sandwiches and chicken fingers on their menu. And you can enjoy your food while you rest and watch the latest sporting events, or you men can hide out here while the ladies shop!

These are just a sampling of the great little shops you will encounter at Baskins Square Mall in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

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  1. looking for a store in baskin square that makes custom novelty light up signs light glow signs …sign glow … something like that i just got back from pigeon forge and seen the advertisement on tv but could not get hold of them …. any suggestions i would like to order a sign thank you for any help

    1. David, I can’t find a website on them but I did find a phone number that lead me to their voicemail at least! It is (865) 436-4786. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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