Cades Cove Heritage Tours

If you’ve visited the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, chances are that you’ve visited Cades Cove. Drawing in nearly two million visitors per year, the area attracts more guests than any other location in the National Park. The 6800 acre valley is pristine, isolated, and seemingly untouched by humans – a perfect place to get in touch with an undisturbed side of nature. Guests who visit Cades Cove enjoy exploring all that it has to offer; the preserved ancient homesteads, breathtaking mountain views and plentiful wildlife keep visitors coming back for more.  An 11-mile, one way loop circles the cove, offering motorists, bicyclists and hikers the opportunity to take in the beautiful sights at their own pace.


However, traffic can become heavy during the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s busier months, making sightseeing difficult and cumbersome for the drivers and their families in the car. So how can you comfortably sightsee, without the argument of “who’s going to drive?” and “where should we stop?” Cades Cove Heritage Tours offers guests an opportunity to experience the Great Smoky Mountains in a whole new way.

These fully guided bus tours are fun and educational for people of all ages. Accommodating individuals as well as large groups, their 19 passenger Alternative Transportation Vehicles will make your Smoky Mountain experience comfortable and hassle-free. With large viewing windows and frequent stops to explore, you will be amazed and awed at the beauty of Cades Cove.

Perhaps the best part about Cades Cove Heritage Tours is their experienced and friendly tour guides. Your guide will embellish your trip with talks of history of the park and will share personal stories as you learn about the resources that make the Great Smoky Mountains a one-of-a-kind location. Leave the driving and traffic to them as you kick-back and enjoy the breathtaking views with your friends and family.

Cades Cove Heritage Tours are affordable, one of the lowest prices for guided tours in the country. Adults and children 6 and older are $10, while children 5 and under are free. Tours generally last around 3-4 hours, but additional time may be needed on heavy traffic afternoons. Heritage Tours recommend that you dress comfortably, with hiking or tennis shoes. While you and your family will not embark on any vigorous hikes, the shuttle stops at several historic sites that are great for exploring and adventure.

While sightings are not guaranteed, the Great Smoky Mountains tote a hefty black bear population, and they are frequently seen in the Cades Cove area. Deer, foxes, turkey and other birds are always abundant as well, foraging, grazing and hunting in the valley. You may also catch a glimpse of an elk, so make sure you bring your camera and prepare for a truly one of a kind experience.

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