Vintage Views Film Premiere

Have you ever wondered what the Gatlinburg area was like before the shops, stores and restaurants came to be? In the early years, the area was filled with eager settlers yearning to build their homes and businesses from the ground up. Prominent people and their families such as E.E. Maples, Wiley Oakley, Radford Gatlin and settled throughout the town, documenting their day-to-day life on home video. At the Vintage Views Film Premiere on August 27th, you can catch a glimpse of these early settlers through their donated home movie clips.

The film has been collected by Gatlinburg City Videographer Kevin Tierney, who has coordinated the event, along with Special Events Manager George Hawkins.  The film from prominent families from all over the area have been carefully selected, edited and montaged into this historic movie. The antique look that is achieved through the primitive 16-millimeter film clips adds a unique, vintage touch to the film. After the film, local Smoky Mountain writers and experts will be available and mingling to answer your questions. Take advantage of the “Meet the Author” session to unveil your curiosity about Gatlinburg during the casual reception. The third annual Vintage Views Premiere, this event has enjoyed wild success from locals and vacationers alike.

The Vintage Views Film Premiere will be held at the W.L. Mills Conference Center, an extension of the Gatlinburg Convention Center. For those interested in the area, this event offers a great opportunity to delve deeper into Gatlinburg’s unique history. This special event requires a reservation. Cost of admission is $10.00, and reservations can be made by calling the Special Events Office at 865-436-0500. Seating is limited, so reserve your seat as early as possible! Valet parking is available and accommodations can be arranged for those who need an overnight stay.

Here is a sneak peak that Kevin Tierney uploaded to his YouTube channel:

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