Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament

An annual tournament known nationwide, the Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament is the largest fishing competition in the Smoky Mountains. If you love competition, you won’t want to miss it. There are some major prizes to be won this year! The tournament would be a great opportunity to spend a weekend fishing with your kids, friends, or spouse!

Open to both locals and visitors with categories for adults and children, the competition is diverse, fun, and interesting! Don’t feel intimidated if you are not a local or avid fisher – for many people, this is their first competition or even their first time fishing at all!

Prior to this two-day event, over 10,000 trout will be added to the more than 20 miles of local streams used for the competition, so there will be plenty of fishing for everyone. Across the different categories anglers may enter, there will be $10,000 worth of cash and prizes awarded!

A few things to keep in mind…

-You will need to bring everything with you that you wish to use the days of the Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament – nothing will be provided.
All Tennessee fishing laws will be observed.

-You will need a fishing license and identification to participate in the competition.

-When you register online, make sure you have an up-to-date license from the state in which you are traveling from, as well as the proper fishing license for the areas you will be fishing during the tournament.

-You can register for the Smoky Mountain Trout Tournament online in just a few simple minutes!

Weather in the Smokies

The weather forecast for the Gatlinburg, TN area is looking to be 70 degrees on Saturday, April 5th and 65 degrees on Sunday, April 6th. This could change within the week. Make sure to stay up-to-date on the local weather for the Gatlinburg area for the weekend of the tournament. While spring is bringing warmer weather every day, the air temperature does not necessarily reflect the temperature of the water. Keep in mind that you will be fishing in cold water and dress accordingly.

What to Wear
Make sure to pack waterproof clothing as well as wader boots to protect your feet from both the water and its frigid temperature. Sunglasses are a good idea to protect your eyes from the reflection of the water, and it may also allow you to more clearly see through the water. Dressing in more neutral tones is said to aid in preventing the fish from being able to clearly detect you. Last but not least, protect your skin! Wear plenty of sun block and maybe even a hat! The most important tip of all – have fun!

For more information on the tournament, call 865-661-3474 or email [email protected]

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