Dollywood Festival of Nations 2014

When: March 22, 2014- April 21, 2014

Where: Dollywood Park

What: At Dollywood’s Festival of Nations, attendees experience many unqiue and authentic celebrated aspects of a diverse group of countries. Over twelve different countries are represented in the festival this year, each showcasing their chosen music, dance, food, and art. This international festival is a celebrated event offering authentic cuisine and interactive international activities!

On your tour, visit countries such as Africa, Colombia, Russia, Ethiopia, Poland, Ecuador, Germany, and Scotland. Each day of the festival, all of the performers of the countries represented will come together to create a unique and unforgettable experience.
This year features several new performances, including The Paper World Show by Mimirichi. The act comes from Ukraine, and they are a memorable group of clowns that we hear, “will literally tear up the stage.” Traveling once again from Argentina, the family act, Los Pampas Gauchos, are back for another year! Their act includes traditional folk dancing, drums, boleadors, knives, capes, and whips!

Schedule of Events
All of these events are open March 22nd through April 21st

One World Celebration: This is a unique musical display by the different nations. Located throughout the park.

Atahualpa: All the way from Ecuador, Atahualpa blends Native American and contemporary instruments. Located on Showstreet.

Mother Africa: A combination of skillful acrobatics and live and traditional music, this performance is seen by a million people worldwide! Located on Showstreet.

La Danza de Colombia: Literally translated to “The Dance of Colombia,” this dance displays the rich heritage that is Colombia. Located on Showstreet.

Strings on Fire: All the way from Paraguay, Mariano Gonzalez is an international harp virtuoso performing along with Carlos Caro, expert percussionist. Located on Craftsmans Valley.

Moscow Nights: Featuring Russian folklore masterpieces contrasted with Russian culture, Moscow Nights showcases balalaikas, accordions, and a mix of vocals! Located at Rivertown Junction.

Buddy MacDonald Trio: Canada’s talented singer/songwriter has been performing for over 35 years. Check out his Celtic and Gallic-influenced folk music! Located on Craftsmans Valley.

Piano Ballet: A drivable grand piano all the way from Italy completes this act. A Mozart look-alike is behind the wheel, making his way through Dollywood as a ballerina dances on top! Located at the Village.

Streichmusik Alder: All the way from the Swiss Alps, Swiss musicians in traditional dress will be playing upbeat, traditional music and showcasing their yodeling skills. This group originally began in 1884 by two brothers named Alder. Located at the Village

Zambian Vocal Group: An a cappella Christian ministry made up of five young men, the Zambian Vocal Group has been touring and spreading their message of unity, hope, and blessings since 2000. The group originally formed in 1985, and they sing traditional African rhythms. Located at Rivertown Junction.

Zebra Stelzentheater of Germany: All the way from Germany, this group will dress as grasshoppers and roam the streets of Dollywood. They will be hopping around the park on stilts, so keep an eye out! Located on Showstreet.

From March 23 – April 22, indulge in the World Passport to Food, located throughout the park. It will feature food from Canada, China, Egypt & Morocco, France, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa & Angola, Uganda & Zambia, and the United States (Tennessee)!
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