Gatlinburg 2010 Fine Arts Festival

It’s time for the Gatlinburg Fine Arts Festival again. This will mark the 6th annual festival and it will be held on May 15 – 16, 2010. This two day event attracts many artists but only few are chosen. Take advantage of the festival for fine art displays, great music and delicious food. This family friendly event is going to be huge! A portion of the proceeds from the Festival will go to Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, the Sevier County Arts Council and the Gatlinburg Boys & Girls Club art program.

The Gatlinburg Fine Arts Festival will being on May 15. It’s a huge street fair located on River Road. Those artists who have exhibits at the Festival are judged and awarded prizes in many different categories. There are 16 different categories including ceramics, glass, paintings, watercolors, woodworking and many more. The artisans could win up to $10,000 in prizes. While you’re enjoying their masterpieces, they’re biting their nails waiting for the judges to come by. You’ll get to see their works, enjoy the music, eat great food and watch the kids participate in programs.

On May 14 a “Night With the Artist Party” will be held. To attend you must buy a $50 ticket per person. The money made from the party will be transferred to a voucher for the Festival and returned to you. You could use the voucher to purchase different items from artists’ booths that participate in the Festival.

This event will also debut G. Webb who is one of Gatlinburg Tennessee’s most famous watercolorist and Jean Ogle who is a master in arts and crafts. This will also jump start the famous Gatlinburg Tunes and Tales. Since Gatlinburg Fine Arts Festival is free there’s no reason not to browse around if you’ll be in town. The event is a great way to enjoy Gatlinburg’s talent with the beautiful Smoky Mountains in the background!

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