Bigfoot Is Coming to Town — at the Annual Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference in Gatlinburg, TN

What’s that?! Yep, there’s no hiding the 3rd annual Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference in Gatlinburg, TN! Following the success of the inaugural bigfoot conference in the Smokies in 2019 and last year’s event, 2022 plans to reign in one of the biggest and best bigfoot events in the Southeast. Prepare for a packed convention center with an opportunity to share your bigfoot experience, a full panel of speakers (including special guest speakers), official merchandise, vendors galore, and VIP bonuses. We’ve got the scoop on SMBF plus advice on staying in the area, so if you’re a sasquatch lover or an intrigued skeptic, stick around!

Details for 2022 haven’t been released yet, but here’s what you can expect based on past years:

What to Expect
A special 2-hour intro with Encounters! hosted by the She-Squatchers, an up-and-coming group of psychic women whose mission is to find bigfoot, kicked off the event. Participants could pop captured evidence (from images to audio files to video) on the big screen and share their bigfoot story on stage. 

They welcomed guest speakers, aka bigfoot researchers and investigators, to the stage. Between lunchtime and vendor browsing, guests listened to ideas from sasquatch pros and finished up with a Q&A session with a full panel of speakers. 

Previous Guest Speakers

  • Bob Gimlin — Bigfoot Legend & American Cowboy
  • Dr. Jeff Meldrum — Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology
  • Russell Accord — Researcher, Author & Filmmaker
  • Lyle Blackburn — Cryptozoologist & Author
  • Adam Davies — Cryptozoologist, Explorer & Adventurer
  • Ken Gerhard — Cryptozoologist & Field Investigator

Gatlinburg Convention Center
234 Historic Nature Trail
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Past Ticket Pricing

  • Platinum — $50 (sold out!)
  • Gold — $40
  • Silver — $30
  • General Admission — $25

Vendors + Sponsors
Ready to share your bigfoot merchandise (including outdoor gear and cryptozoology products) with fellow sasquatch enthusiasts? Vendor booth spots are available at the conferences (typically $100 per booth), and vendors can add on pipes and drapes, electricity, and tablecloths. 

Maybe you’d like to become a sponsor instead and promote your business to around 2,000 bigfoot fans. Sponsors get a logo on stage, social media attention, tickets, and shirts. Partner with SMBF today!

Official Merch — AKA Squatch Swag
Join the squatch squad and purchase your official Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference T-shirt or raglan (¾-sleeve shirt) online and wear it at the event with pride! Or deck out your backpack, satchel, and jacket with official embroidered (iron-on) patches. There will be limited availability for the shirts, raglans, and patches at the event, so we highly recommend pre-ordering and picking up your official merch when you arrive.

Cabins Near the Conference
While you’ll be attending the bigfoot conference, why not plan a relaxing and fun weekend trip altogether with Cabins for YOU? We have loads of Gatlinburg cabins of many shapes and sizes near the conference center to keep you close to all the action. Plus, you’ll have great amenity options, like a hot tub, private pool, home theater, games, and king-size beds. And you could even opt for a wooded view for a little squatching in the evenings! 

Attend the 2022 Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference, connect with fellow squatchers and skeptics, and possibly find bigfoot at your Gatlinburg cabin!

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