2010 Summer Tunes and Tales

Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales is one of the most exciting annual events in Gatlinburg Tennessee. This marks the fifth year for the Tunes and Tales and it begins on June 11 and will run through August 7. If you’ve been to Gatlinburg during this event you know it’s great fun, but in case you haven’t been or need a refresher continue reading.

Imagine walking through the streets of downtown Gatlinburg TN and spotting an oddly dressed person or group of people. They’re dancing around, singing or telling stories. You’re going to be curious as to what is going on, right? You walk up to the group of people surrounding the performers and are immediately enthralled. You find out the person dressed in clothing from the past is a performer for Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales. There are several personalities for you to enjoy so keep a look out for all of them. They are speaking to anyone who will lend them their ear with stories of how Gatlinburg was prior to being a tourist town, singing songs of the mountains or dancing to folk music. Their songs, music and tales portray time periods dating back to the 1800’s.

The best thing about this event is that it is totally free. You don’t have to pay for the entertainment. You’ll get to walk through downtown Gatlinburg and interact with the performers and take home a thing or two about the city that you might not have known prior to visiting. It’s a family friendly event so everyone can enjoy.

The performers enter downtown Gatlinburg at 5pm and leave at 10pm every night. There are as many as 18 acts per night. You’re not going to find another event like this one anywhere else. It’s great and lasts all summer but fret not because it comes back again for the fall season as well. Plan accordingly and make sure you catch at least one of the performances if you’ll be in town during the dates of June 11-August 7 for the fifth annual Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales summer event.

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