5 Reasons You’ll Love Having a Full Kitchen

You might have known you wanted pool access, two comfortable king-size beds, and a rocking-chair porch with a view. But have you thought about the possibilities when you rent a cabin with a full-size kitchen? At Cabins For You, you’ll have this handy feature in all our properties, and we think you’ll find this very important for at least five reasons:

5. You’ll have a place to store leftovers.
With top-rated breakfast joints like the Log Cabin Pancake House and local favorites like the Smoky Mountain Brewery, you won’t want to eat in every night. But you also won’t want to have to throw out all that good food when the portions are just too big to finish it all. Here’s the first way our full-size kitchens are put to good use: a perfect place to store all your yummy leftovers so nothing goes to waste. For more information on restaurants in Gatlinburg, check out our restaurant directory.

4. You’ll be able to keep snacks and drinks on hand.
I have fond memories of getting together with my aunts and uncles and grandparents for a family vacation, and food was always on the table. Carrots and chips with French onion dip. A plate of fresh-cut fruit. Peanuts and sweet pink lemonade for everyone to share. You probably have your own food traditions, and no matter what you want to make or bring, you’ll have the place to store and prepare your favorite snacks in our cabins’ full-size kitchens.

3. You’ll be able to bring reusable dishes.
As part of the “going green” campaign, many of us are switching from plastic, throwaway water bottles to reusable bottles that we can simply refill. You may also be bringing reusable plates and utensils with you to the Smokies so you don’t create a lot of waste while you’re away. If so, we thank you for taking care of our beautiful Smoky Mountain environment, and we support your endeavors with a fully-equipped kitchen where you can wash dishes with ease.

The use of a dishwasher and sink is also helpful for families with small children. Babies still need their bottles even when you’re on vacation. So you’ll definitely appreciate having a full-size kitchen to wash and prepare all those items while you’re away. Of course, our kitchens are outfitted with dishes and utensils as well, so if you don’t want bring your own, the full kitchen will provide just what you need.

2. You’ll have a place for romantic dinners.
One of the perks to booking your cabin through Cabins For You is the variety of special add-ons available to you, making your Smoky Mountain getaway extra special. For instance, you can have gift baskets or flowers delivered right to your door. You can also have a romantic dinner for two waiting for you in your cabin when you return home from a day on the town.
With sparkling cider, a flower centerpiece, and a five-star meal waiting for you in the fridge, the romantic dinner option is a great addition for couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary in the Smokies. All you need to do is throw the ribs on the grill, pop the top to your sparkling cider, and enjoy! And what really makes this option special is that you’ll get to celebrate your occasion in complete privacy, without the need for a chef and waiter.

1. You’ll be able to feed your group without breaking the bank!
The best advantage to having your own full-size kitchen in the Smokies is that you can feed your family or group three square meals a day without breaking your budget! You’ll have a place to store milk and cereal or muffins and fruit for quick, affordable breakfast options. You can keep some deli meat, bread, carrots, and hummus on hand for lunch or day-time snacks. And you can enjoy a simple family meal together in the evening.

We know you don’t want to eat in for every meal on your vacation, but you can save a lot of money if you’ll take advantage of our kitchens for several meals while you’re away. And just think, that means more money in your pocket to enjoy all the events and adventures Gatlinburg has in store!

For questions about our cabins or to book yours for your next family or social event, call one of our reservation specialists today. They are available 24/7 to assist you!

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